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Canon Rebel T3i/600D Review

Updated on February 18, 2013

There is no shortage of competition when it comes to beginner's, or cheap digital SLR cameras. What is it that sets the Canon Rebel T3i (600D) apart from all the others? That is an wonderful question that begs an answer. That is what this T3i Review is all about.

Canon does not produce junk digital SLRs, but just in case that doesn't give you enough to go on... this article will provide a few simple reasons to give the newest Canon Digital Rebel a go.

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What's New With The Canon Rebel T3i

Canon has upgraded the T2i with some things that should get new Digital SLR buyers excited. The simple reason is that this Canon Rebel will feel comfortable rather than intimidating.

Past releases have been good, but new buyers had a pretty steep learning curve to get through before feeling like they were "one" with their camera. The Canon folks have bridged the gap by providing some things that point and shoot digital camera owners will feel at home with.

First - a new LCD with vari-angle viewing. This is the same LCD that is on the Canon 60D. Vari-angle, or articulating, LCD panels have been on some point and shoot models for a few years now. They are a good idea for getting creative with camera angles. The movable LCD is also quite familiar to those who shoot video with a camcorder.

Second - the "Green Square". This is a new position on the top mode dial that is the same as "Intelligent Auto" on some point and shoot cameras. The basic reasoning behind the Green Square is to give the new digital SLR owner a comfortable place to start with their new camera. The Canon Rebel can make some pretty awesome choices for you. You do not have to fret over which settings to use when you need to get the shot real quick. Just set the camera to the Green Square and take the shot. Save your learning for when you have more time to fiddle with settings and make those learning mistakes.

Third - Creative Filters. Point and shoot cameras have had the ability to transform photos into some very creative looks. This is now a feature on the Canon T3i. You can apply changes to photos AFTER you take them using the Creative Filters. The Canon T3i's creative filters include Soft Focus, Grainy Black & White, Toy Camera effect, a Miniature effect, and even a Fisheye effect.

Fourth - Video Snapshot. Those who have had certain of the PowerShot point and shoot cameras will be familiar with this. You can set the camera to shoot short video clips of 2, 4, or 8 seconds. The Canon T3i will then splice them together into a single video clip. It is even possible to add a soundtrack to your video. And all this happens in the camera!

Canon Rebel T3i Sample Images

The photos below were shot with the Canon Rebel T3i - they are from the photo library.

What's Not So New About The Canon Rebel T3i

Some would argue that this newest Canon Rebel is not an upgrade because it does not have improvements to some of the major features.

For instance, the 18-megapixel CMOS sensor has not been changed. But when you stop and consider that this same sensor is present in the Canon 60D AND the Canon 7D, two cameras with more advanced features, you might come to the conclusion that the T3i is in pretty good company with this "same old sensor."

Some of the other things that have not been changed include the DIGIC 4 processor, regular video capture, ISO sensitivity options, and the 3.7 frames per second capability for continuous shooting. What was Canon thinking?

Well, in this writer's opinion, they were thinking that you, the buyer would be getting a pretty capable photography tool in the Canon Rebel T3i.

For more about the features and specs, Click on this link --> Canon Rebel T3i Review. <--

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