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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera

Updated on December 29, 2011

LCD screen with a variable angle and high resolution, and significantly improved noise reduction system is a great feature of new Canon PowerShot G11. The basis of the binary Canon noise reduction system is in a highly sensitive 10.0-megapixel sensor and advanced image processor DIGIC 4 that reduces noise and improves the quality of two steps. Double Noise Reduction enables photographers to take pictures with high resolution, using the ISO value of up to 3200 in difficult low light conditions. Now it is easy to do a portrait at dusk or capture the transitions of light in the night landscape. Also it significantly reduces blur from motion.

Universal LCD screen with a variable angle

Canon G11 model has considerable flexibility with a new LCD screen PureColor II VA LCD with variable angle and diagonal of 2.8 inches, and it was created with taking into the account the desires of consumers. This screen allows you to use the PowerShot G11 camera in all situations where there is no justifiable use of the viewfinder, such as reportage photography. LCD screen has a wide viewing angle, variable angle, high resolution (461 thousand pixels), and natural color and allows the photographer to get a full picture of the object, both before and after shooting. Ace lens Canon with a 5-fold wide-angle (28 mm) zoom lens and Optical Image Stabilizer (IS) provides excellent image quality. This allows you to use four times as great restraint, rather than on models without the image stabilizer, and getting great shots in low light or less than the ISO. DIGIC 4 - Advanced and enhanced. Advanced image processing technology, Canon DIGIC 4, available in the G11 will be appreciated by both, the professional photographers and amateurs. 

Among the improvements there is the modernization of intellectual correction contrast (i-Contrast), which optimizes the dynamic range of images, helping to prevent loss of detail in the shadows and the emergence of overexposed spots. I-Contrast feature can be used in situations of complex lighting with a large difference between light and dark scenes, as well as portraits in a landscape. The new regime Low Light («Low Light") can be used to reduce noise levels at a reduced resolution of a wide range of ISO - such as when shooting indoors or in low light conditions. It allows you to create images with a resolution of 2.5 MP at ISO 12800 at a rate of 2.4 fps.

Canon PowerShot G11 is also equipped with integrated 3-stage filter with neutral density (ND). There is an opportunity to fine-tune the white, which allows you to create better shots in a combination of natural and artificial lighting, as well as the difference in the shades, which arises due to the use of different types of incandescent lamps. The possibility of such treatment reduces the time spent on correction after the shooting, and gives the photographer more creative freedom. The Smart Auto mode is more comfortable than ever. DIGIC 4 processor provides the advanced mode Canon Smart Auto, in which the function of recognition scenes is added. Canon G11 camera automatically analyzes and compares a scene from 22 samples, and then selects the optimal settings. In the Smart Auto mode the movement of people is defined and you can activate the continuous AF / AE. Photographers also certainly appreciate the advantages of fast shooting Quick Shot, which eliminates the need for focus and framing with the viewfinder.

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