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Canon PowerShot S90 Digital Camera Review

Updated on December 29, 2011

Canon PowerShot S90 continues the tradition of the PowerShot S series. Impressive features allow you to create images of exceptional quality. Among these features – Canon dual noise reduction system, Wide Angle Lens f / 2,0, 3.0 -inch LCD screen being PureColor II and the control ring on the lens.

Unsurpassed image quality in any environment

In the PowerShot S90 model a dual system of noise suppression is implemented, it is based on working together highly 10.0-megapixel matrix and a powerful processor Canon DIGIC 4. Photographers can take photos at full resolution, even in the difficult lighting conditions. Double noise reduction system allows you to extract the maximum from the available lighting and significantly reduces noise in the image. This is particularly useful for portrait photography in low light conditions and when shooting landscapes, when the photographers need to get high-quality images with full resolution, even at ISO 3200. DIGIC 4 also provides the advanced technology of intellectual correction contrast i-Contrast, which expands the dynamic range, helping to prevent loss of detail in the shadows and the emergence of overexposed spots. 

Benefits of f / 2,0aperture

Canon has equipped the PowerShot S90 model with a wide-angle lens with wide aperture f/2.0, which helps to maximize the efficient use of the binary system noise reduction. Wide Angle Lens f / 2,0 misses two times more light than conventional lens f / 2,8, that allows you to use a faster shutter, thereby preventing blurring or seeking a smaller depth of field. Canon image stabilizer with a movable lens group compensates for camera shake and struggles with blur. As a result, the photographer gets a fourfold advantage comparing to the cameras less resistant to vibrations.

PowerShot S90 has a 3.0-inch LCD screen with Canon PureColor II technology. It allows you to easily frame and view images with exceptionally wide viewing angle, resolution of 461 thousand pixels and excellent color reproduction.

Extraordinary performance and ease of use

Despite its compactness, PowerShot S90 offers the photographer to set the automatic and manually controlled functions, providing complete creative freedom.

Parameters of the camera settings can be changed simply by rotating the left and right control ring which is located on the lens. This ring can be used as an emulator manual zoom, and the zoom allows objects with a step of 28, 35, 50, 85 and 105 mm. On the control ring, you can assign additional settings such as ISO (in increments of 1 / 3 steps), shutter speed, aperture, focus and exposure compensation, which gives the photographer a sense of complete control over the process of shooting. Ring on the lens also facilitates interaction with the camera, providing fast, accurate scrolling menus, features, and pictures taken. The new regime Nostalgic ring can be used to control the effect of aging of the picture - from light fading to obtain a granular black and white image. 

Advanced Scene Recognition Technology

The owner of the camera can use scene selection (SCN on the control ring) to apply the most appropriate camera settings. It is ideal for use of creative effects or when shooting is done in challenging lighting conditions. New Low Light mode allows you to take pictures with reduced up to 2,5 megapixel resolution in a very dark scenes with up to ISO 12800, and at a speed of 2.4 frames per second.Also a wide range of creative shooting modes, including aperture priority, shutter priority, auto exposure, program AE, manual and custom modes is available. Choose and use the settings has become easier thanks to an improved menu system that contains tips on most of the functions and parameters.

Camera PowerShot S90 allows you to fine-tune the white balance to compensate for coverage of various types of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. You can get excellent photos in every situation. Smart Auto mode with the function of recognition scenes is designed for comfortable and fast shooting. The camera selects the optimal settings of the 22 options. This is an ideal solution for those who like to photograph, without going into technical details. Smart Auto mode determines the movement of people and activates continuous AF / AE. With this feature you can be sure that the selected object will be shot in focus and correctly exposed.

This compact digital camera lets you capture in the format of RAW, supported by the Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software, which simplifies the further work with pictures made. Another advantage of the model is the existence of HDMI connectors, which allows you to connect it to a compatible TV using an optional cable. So, impressive set of features and functions make the Canon PowerShot S90 compact digital camera ideal for both professionals and amateur photography.

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    • profile image

      Ghost32 7 years ago

      I was glad to see this hub. It'll be some time before we have the cash to upgrade from my "can you spell frustrating" Vivitar to a "real" camera, but the Canon Power Shot has become my photographic Holy Grail nonetheless.

      First, at the Palominas Christmas Parade, a Power Shot owner asked me to take a few pics of her float group. Loved the feel and ease of use, and put it up for serious consideration. (My Vivitar puts so little power to the viewscreen that you're "shooting blind" in sunlight.)

      Later the same day, a radio tech show recommended the Power Shot as one of two "best possible" poin-and-shoot cameras.

      And now this!