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Cant Beat Beats by Dr Dre

Updated on February 26, 2016

My fake Dr Dre Beats exeperence and review

My FAKE Beats experience!

For those looking for FAKE Dr Dre Monsters Beats headphones, DONT its not worth the trouble. GET THE REAL DEAL instead and this is my story.

Recently friends of mines asked me to buy them fake Dr Dre Headphones for them as I was going to Hong Kong for a holiday. While I am not a big audio person I decided to help my friends out and see what I can do. It took me a while but I finally found a street vendor in a local open market that sold only Monsters Beats head gear. I had not doubt they were not the genuine stuff due to the price at around $25 for Monsters Beats, They have to be fakes as they normally go for around $200-300.

As promised I got a few pairs of the Dr Dre Headphones for my friends, they were actually really good quality and as far as the sound quality goes I could not tell the difference. I was curious about them and got a pair of the Beats Studio Headphones for myself too, They even offered an extra set, I guess they know a set may break after you take then home. So what the hell I got a set myself. A full size Blue Dr Dre Over Ear Headphones, and a Red version of a smaller set.

On first inspection, the sound was good and working. But here is a more detailed review after a few weeks of use.

Buying Fake Dr Dre Monster Beats - My Fake Beats!

Dr Dre Monster Headphones Blue
Dr Dre Monster Headphones Blue

This is my blue pair of Dr Dre studio Headphones. They came in a quality looking box, by that I mean it was indistinguishable from the real thing, and no spelling mistakes. The only difference is the lack of accessories and box opening experience.

As for the headset itself, The quality of the plastic and prints was OK, sounds quality was good but I am no expect. It was a comfortable fit on your head and especial around the your ears. Tho after wearing it for periods it did start feeling uncomfortable due to the heat trapped around my ears. I guess it was the material they used and the design did not allow enough air flow. It was tolerable but this head set let me down after a two weeks of daily use, The extension that enable you to adjust the size snapped, my thoughts is that the plastic did not have enough flexibility and broke after daily use.

My Red Dr Dre Headphones

Dr Dre Monster Headphones Red
Dr Dre Monster Headphones Red

Follow the departure of my Fake blue Dr Dre Headphones. I started to use my second pair. Now this pair was red and a smaller version of the Dr Dre over Ear Headphone. While I did try this pair initially the reason I used my Blue set was the ear cup was too small and uncomfortable to wear for long periods. It was genially pressing too hard against my ears. Definitively not a good experience. On closer inspection this set there were imperfections in the quality of the plastic finish. Overall the Blue Dr Dre Headphones seemed more durable for a fake compared to the red set But you it's a gamble.

So the moral of the story is buy the genuine Dr Dre Monster Beats Headphones. You can't Beat the real genuine Beats.

Beats Headphones By Dr Dre Studio - The unboxing experience & review


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