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Cash for Clothes – How does it all work?

Updated on June 9, 2012

Cash for Clothes – How does it all work

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

Getting paid for bagging up your unwanted clothing and textiles that go to help people in need and get recycled in order to protect the environment. Well that's exactly what cash for clothes do.

You may be wondering how a process like this can work and what the details are behind it but it's a little bit more simple than you may at first think.

Why recycle your old clothes?

ñ You get cash for your clothes

ñ Helps to protect the environment

ñ The clothes go to those in need

ñ Peace of mind that you are recycling

ñ Your unwanted clothes will be re-used

If we cannot re-use your items for the good of others then we recycle them through a process called fibre reclamation. We give you cash for clothes that are sometimes sent to third world countries or those who are in dire need of our help in and around your local area. The clothes that cannot be used are then sent off to be made into new clothes and can be used for cleaning cloths and textiles used by various industries.

The Fiber reclamation process in use at textile processors cannot accept wet or soiled clothes so make sure that when you want to sell your clothes that they are in the least clean and dry to ensure they can be recycled in the best and most efficient way possible.

The Textiles and clothing are then shredded and blended with other types of fibre and textile dependent on the ultimate use of the fabric. It is then readied to be used for creating new clothes by weaving or knitting.

Why Should I use a Cash for Clothes Service?

There are many reasons why recycling your old clothes is better than other options available but firstly - you simply get cash for your unwanted clothes and textiles and there's no greater reason than that you may think. But hold on because there is an even greater reason...

You are helping to protect the environment by recycling your old clothes. Most unwanted clothes and fabrics end up at the landfill where most of the materials used in the clothing is not degradable meaning the impact on the environment can be pretty big.

So by using a cash for clothes service you are protecting the environment, getting paid and helping those that are in need of help. Your clothing may be heading off to poorer countries where they will be much appreciated by family's experiencing poverty. Indeed, a lot of items of clothing are put to good use in local communities within the UK where people may be in need of help after a disaster or financial ruin.

The Human Race has been recycling products since the dawn of our existence but only very recently the benefits of recycling are being seen in your pocket so instead of throwing your old clothes away you can get cash for them, safe in the knowledge that you are helping other people and doing your bit for the environment.


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