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How to write blog

Updated on March 29, 2016

Comment article many times? Have you ever thought of sharing your entries, many people are interested or not, is also a factor Comment assess that your blog is in the level of development like? Who gives a damn? Content has value or not? So please pay attention to this factor because the information is useful to your readers, the new participants to give their opinions about you.

Have you ever questioned why few comments from my blog readers?
Daily traffic is not less, the content was not so bad, but the reader does not leave any public comment?
Why? Readers lazy to write or you do not create incentives for them to set-hands-up-table-key and type comments into the comment box?
Contents of this article will share with you how to get more comments from your readers.

Rib content
1 reader comments Why is it important?
2 How to get more comments on a blog?
2.1 Write compelling content but do not write too full
Creating 2.2 content and controversial missing
2.3 Ask a question at the end of the article and a call to action (Call To Action - CTA)
3 Use one other comment systems
4 Some tips for you to get Comment on the blog:
4.1 Using the plugin:
Reader comments Why is it important?
Comment on the article

When you write a blog post and receive comments from readers, this is a signal that your readers are interested in the post, or you can say "scratching their own itch" of them. Comments from readers are to help you understand your audience better, how they react to your post, love or hate, they concur or reaction ... how hard even better still they shut silent and did not react at all.

When a new readers to your blog, they find the article with the number Comment up to 30 or 40 they will think this is a good quality blog simply because it is attracting the attention of readers. They will sign up for your newsletter, bookmarks, track their blog and they will continue to participate in the group .. positive reader comments. NinhDon.Com can be seen as an example for the development of the blog, the articles are the views Comments are regular interaction. Often the articles published will receive only about 15 minutes Comment published articles.

Anything else?

The number one factor Commment many great for SEO. Once the number of comments each day this increased inadvertently help your content has been updated. Google thinks your article valuable to the user (which fact is that) your articles will be indexed quickly and have high rankings on the search engines. To make sure you're following more blog comments, right? Next let's see what we can do to improve the number of entries Comment on blog right below.

How to get more comments on a blog?
Ask questions in the article
Urged readers to interact with a question

Write compelling content but do not write too full
Vietnam compelling content reader is still one of the most effective ways for you to get more interaction through comments. But one experience shows that you should not write-too-well-enough.

Why? Because if you write too full then the reader nothing to comment further or if someone is or comment, they often leave a question like, "nice article thanks for sharing". Often the question like this comment is the key question, all the other readers will not comment any more stops. You can take this approach because information is fully nowhere from A-> Z all. Sure and essential articles will also be flawed because people have a saying, "Nothing is perfect."

Creating content and controversial missing
Content missing: This is also called content "top X", using the numbers in your article title always attract readers. They simply know that when reading the article click on it they will get how many things and they define the limits of how article. This is the first step you get more comments.

But to get a comment you need to create "contents lacking". For example, when you write a plugin Top 5 WordPress blog acceleration support, why not "deliberately forget" Supper Cache plugin WP although you know very well this is one of the very popular plugin for WordPress acceleration. This way you are "triggered an explosion comment" on his blog! This is just an example whiff! :)

Controversial content: This is the type of content has always attracted the most Comment. By offering a completely opposite opinion to what has been widely recognized, you can create "storm comment".

But be careful with this type of content, sometimes it is the two-edged knife. Be careful before "production" content type, make sure that you are not hurting someone. And you need to come up with arguments, evidence to prove to his personal views. Be careful!

Posed a question at the end of the article and a call to action (Call To Action - CTA)
At the end of the article with a question you will always have a chance to get more comments. Normally all of us always wanted to express personal opinion and if asked readers will easily give more answers.

Example: In the article aside 2 hours to earn $ 80 a day with Affiliate, why not? In the article the technique used Jade, after writing a detailed article on how to register as affiliate marketers with, select Affiliate products, receive money ... At the end of the article Jade provides a series of recommendations, incentives such as "what do you have difficulty registering with CJ" "If you want to receive email instructions make money online ..." evidence that this paper has received numerous questions and comments from readers.

Using a system other comment
Facebook Comments for WordPress

Normally when you write a blog on WordPress platform, it will integrate the default comment system. The system has more than enough, but if your blog content is a topic unrelated to the technique much like cooking, traveling ... and you need to spread it on social networks or simply your readers who are active on Facebook, why do not you use the plugin like Disqus or Facebook Comments Comments. This plugin allows readers to comment using social networking accounts.

The advantage of this plugin is:

Users can indirectly share your posts on Facebook walls, or the account of their social network.
Help them handy in the comment without entering any additional information
Interactive, by encouraging users to act like.
... And many more features you need new experiences to share it all.
Some tips for you to get Comment on the blog:
Quickly and politely interact with your blog comment - When any someone to leave a comment on your blog, then that's when you need to interact with them the fastest. Always thank them for comment and then be able to answer questions, express views agree with their opinions or if you disagree you also need to explain the nature of the building.
Build relationships with other bloggers - Stay tuned for updates of other bloggers posts and leave comments on their blogs. Certainly they will also do the same thing on your blog
Change the "No Comment" or the word "Leave a Comment" - Usually the theme (UI) are displayed right underneath the comment of the article title. Experience shows that, somehow, you should change the words "No Comment" or "Leave a Comment" into "Leave a comment" or "Click here to comment". This may be a call to action very good for your readers can click and start comments.
Off moderated comment system - This is how you can get more comments from readers. Typically these new bloggers often comment on censorship before posting spam citing fear. It's best to let readers see your comment immediately by turning off this functionality in the Discussion section in the Dashboard page. And anti-spam problem? Do not worry right below I will show you how.
Using the plugin:
You are blogging platform WordPress? Here are 3 Plugin will help you manage and get more contain a comment to your blog, now, London is using Akismet Ninh combined with very effective ReplyMe. CommentLuv you see will fit each theme of the blog because it might cause a SPAM.

ReplyMe: Very few users back to your blog only to see their comments have been answered yet. Thus using this plugin will allow readers to comment choose email notification each time they are friends, or others feedback comment. This is how you make them go back to the blog and participate in ongoing discussions.
CommentLuv: This is a plugin to stimulate the best reader comments. This plugin allows users to leave a link by showing the link to their website in a cell-based RSS comment. This is beneficial for both sides, you can comment and associated readers to promote their website. Of course you can fully establish this link is dofollow or nofollow. Jade will tell you to set nofollow is not to be shared blog rankings.
Akismet: If you fear spam comment? Then this, this plugin is the best way for you to get rid of spam comments on your blog. And if you're still not comfortable with Akismet then combined with SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, this plugin will require readers to enter a code capcha before posting a comment. But you also need to consider before using this plugin because sometimes it is the factors hindering the reader comment because it took too manipulation.

Above are a few ways you can get more from the reader's Comment on the blog itself. A blog has many comments as a sign that the blog valuable, getting more attention from users thus remains the most important content on your blog may be useful to the user or not, content the value will rapidly be disseminated and helps the reader to a better memory. Moreover, the blog received comments also help you stay motivated more to create these articles increasingly more valuable.

Your opinion on how to attract readers comment on the blog is what? Leave a comment below so we started a "storm comment" offline!

Posts are shared from the blog author Ninh Ngoc By Then Don coordination to publish this article. Please visit his blog at NgocDenRoi.Com, Blog very interesting and exciting!
If you have a blog and you are looking to receive more comments from readers? The last thing Jade recommend using it all the way just to build a good relationship with your readers and other bloggers with. This is how you are building a community of their own.


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