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CD Data Recovery Software

Updated on May 13, 2018

CD data recovery software can come in handy especially when you have scratched or damaged CD's, and while copying them to your computer you find that even though this is done via a laser that transfers the music to your computer you will still get parts that skip due to the quality of the CD. You can purchase CD data recovery software just about anywhere these days as the demand has never been so great since the introduction of CD players and home computers. But don't fear as there is a software that will copy your favorite music to a clean disc, although it should be noted that it depends on the damage of the CD itself, obviously if the CD is seriously scratched you won't get the same dubbing quality you desire. On the other hand if they are minor scratches then this software will do the trick just fine. There is CD data recovery freeware or free CD data recovery that one can use but as with anything that is free you may not get the same results as you would from using quality software. This article will touch on a well known software called Nero, the Nero Burning Rom v7, 8 or 9 recovery software with ISO Buster will do the job just fine. You can purchase this software from any computer hardware store,or you could do a search online.

Clean CD

OK first of all take the Cd you wish to copy to your computer and give it a final clean with a clean soft cloth or rag make sure you do a good job of cleaning the CD before placing it into the computers drive. Now when you purchase your Nero software it will come with it's own instruction manual, read it carefully and follow the instructions to the tee. I will give the basic instructions on how to use this product but depending on the product you have it may slightly differ to what i am going to explain to you, so just make sure. But most all software of this kind will will go through the same steps as i am about to explain to you. OK once you have your Nero package take out the CD and insert it into the drive, you will get  the icon showing up on your computer screen, open the application.

Recover Media

Now it will prompt you to either choose copy CD or DVD which ever one you decide to choose or are going to recover. Now you will need to select the image recorder as the designated target and choose the DVD Rom as it's source. You will more than likely get a read error on your screen, just ignore this and go to the next step, OK there should be a tab that says "read option" you will need to select "ignore read errors" and simply copy the disc image file to your hard disk you can save it to where ever you like, properly a media folder or file would be best.

ISO Buster

Right , now after you have copied the image file ,close the Nero application and proceed to open the"ISO Buster" on the screen it will give you a option to recover the copied data from the image file and transfer it to your hard disk once you have done that , your done! you can recover your CD or DVD from the saved file you did earlier. Obviously the only real way to take care of those CD's and DVD is to first copy them to your computer and then place them back into their casings and store them away because you no longer have need for them anymore now you have copied them to your computer, copy them to a blank CD if you want to make another copy but take good care of the original.


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