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VoIP Service - Monthly Savings...

Updated on June 8, 2011

VoIP Voice Chat

Ah the new age of having friends from all over the world, constantly going in and out and moving. Well how about being able to talk anywhere in the world for one price a month or even free? No way…that can’t happen. Well be ready to get shocked because there is a whole world of communications you might not know about. If you really want talking freedom and no 2 year contracts and increasing bills overtime then the world of computer Voice Over Internet Protocol Chat or VoIP is for you! By engaging in this system you easily start to learn more about computers. While these are engaged you can still play games, browse the web, or watch videos without interrupting the communication. It's so simple that you will wonder, why haven't I attempted at voice chatting before now!

So what am I going on about anyway? Well, if you pay too much for a home phone for a year and have a computer (with internet service) you can talk to anyone at once. There are many programs that let you do this, they include Aim and Msn for free ones. But what if you want to talk to many people at once? Enter TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. If you never heard of them before you have a lot to look into. Think about talking to 50 people at once, 3 from England, 1 from Scotland, 5 from Massachusetts, Usa and a few from Virgina to boot. Yes, the internet and these programs give you that technology. Now if you picked up your telephone and talked to all those people from your house over long distance for 24 hours that would be a lot of money. Remember for some of them international fee’s add in. But what if I told you that you could talk to them all for one price.. you would say I’m crazy. Well I am crazy then because you can talk to them all for one price, for however many hours you want! So what is Teamspeak and Ventrilo?

Quick Easy Starting Teamspeak Guide


TeamSpeak is a multi-person voice chat system that runs on a server to connect them all. They all connect to a server using the program, put a username in and a password and there your in. Depending on your perchance from the site it tells you how many users are allowed and how long the service goes for. This technology is mostly used for computer gamers to talk to each other.

I have personally used TeamSpeak for 2 years. TeamSpeak basically works like this:

-Owner of the Server pays for it and gives you the Hostname and Password.

-You go to TeamSpeak and get the client (free) to connect to it.

-Only thing you must buy is a Microphone or Headset.


Ventrilo (vent for short) is the same as TeamSpeak but has clearer connections and seems to be better. Vent runs the same as TeamSpeak, you must buy a server then the users you want in it need to get a client and a password to enter the channel.

I have also personally used Ventrilo (1 year) and found it to be the best one.

It offers so many features and services to you. It even has, for people who don't have a mic or headset, a Text-to-Speech chat system built in. You can easly talk to someone using your mic while they return the text and the text says it for you-that way you don't need to read it.

If you plan on talking long distance or internationally for a long time, heck even local then this is for you. Remember the other person needs to have a computer capable of running vent or teamspeak and it has to have a sturdy connection, but as technology gets better I believe more and more will replace phones with computers. The leading company at this idea is Vontage. As the internet speeds increase it will become easier for a wider range of people to use these awesome resources!

Ok, I want to use them, what do you suggest?

I suggest if you get a server or split a server for someone else that you get a microphone\speaker headset combination. These run avarage from $30 to $60 (new) and more. I suggest getting one that is about $50. I went through over 5 headsets of breaking and testing and if its less then $50 it is static and often breaks easily. The best ones I suggest you use are ones that connect using a USB connection. These tend to work a lot better and I strongly recommend it. There is nothing but clear, almost Mp3 quility with USB connected headsets.

*All price valuations are at new in store price.

Ventrillo Demostration of the Clearity of someone singing:

Thank You for reading this, I hope it helps you and lowers your communication costs! Clearly, $40 a month or more for a cell phone is OUTRAGOUS compared to this cheaper option. These are truly helpful programs and suggested to everyone. You will find uses for them sometimes by the day. Comments are appreciated, make sure to check out my other works as well if you enjoy this one ^_^


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    • CJStone profile image

      CJStone 9 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      All good advice. I'll look into this. I like the appropriate choice of adverts to go with it. It fits the article so well. Nice work. Thanks.

    • profile image

      ryankett 7 years ago

      For domestic use, Yes VOIP will replace phone bills.... but not for business and commercial use. A good example is Skype, who are owned by Ebay now, they turnover a great deal of money.... and it isn't from you or me ;)

    • profile image

      planetventrilo 7 years ago

      We've been seeing a large increase in signups for ventrilo over the past few months so I would tend to agree that not only gamers are using ventrilo or teamspeak. It's a cheap alternative to expensive phone bills.

    • profile image

      ITG-Ventrilo 7 years ago

      Good article. It's very true, teamspeak and ventrilo servers make it easy to communicate. Our customers use them for several different things. It is primarily used for gamers, which is why guild ventrilo servers are very popular. We do have customers that use it to keep in touch with their friends and family online instead of paying for minutes from their cell phone company, or paying for expensive voip services month after month.


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