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Cheapest Batteries Online

Updated on September 3, 2013

Looking For The Cheapest Place To Buy Batteries?

If you use any electronics at all you know battery prices have gotten expensive. So we're all searching for the cheapest batteries online, or at least the cheapest place we can find. As a consumer of batteries, too, I hope you'll find this information helpful in your own search for the lowest prices.

My house is loaded with electronics that require batteries, from kids toys to cell phones to flashlights. Even my lawn mower and golf cart have batteries that I have to find replacements for; I'm trying to save money while keeping the never ending stream of electronics working. But finding the lowest price online isn't the only issue, we want to know that they're also covered by a fair product warranty and business guarantee. When you buy in a regular, walk-in store you can simply drive back and return the item.

The guarantee is important because batteries are so expensive and when we get one that is defective (in the case of rechargeables) we want it replaced. Or better yet, we want to buy from places that stock fresh (new) batteries so we don't get someone else's 10 year old shelf stock. And when buying things online there is the matter of shipping costs... so there are several things to consider and look at.

I'll also mention briefly at the end of this lens some information regarding the proper disposal of old batteries, and I truly hope everyone will do their part to take just a few moments to make sure that the highly toxic battery waste doesn't end up in the belly of Mother Nature... we owe our planet, ourselves and our children more than that.

If you find this article helpful, please share it with others. Many thanks.

Image via Creative Commons - malko

Don't Give Me No Static

Image via Creative Commons - johnwilson1969

Nearly everyone has heard of the risks associated with batteries that have over-heated, or in some cases even exploded. Many of us have also seen batteries that appear to have "leaked" inside the device. These are among some of the risks associated with buying the cheapest possible batteries that you can find. While saving money is good, and smart, your goal should be to find top quality and trusted brands at the lowest price.

Most of the reported cases of over-heating or exploding batteries have revolved exclusively around Lithium ion (Li Ion) batteries, the most popular choice for rechargeable batteries. Its reported that more than 3 billion Li Ion batteries were produced in 2008. In that perspective, the very small number of incidents involving defective batteries is quite small. Note: Lithium batteries, the button-type used in watches and calculators, are not the same as the rechargeable Li Ion batteries we're talking about here.

What the issue brings up, however, is that there are indeed significant differences in the manufacturing quality among battery brands, and because of that I always use brands that I trust, even though it costs more than the rock bottom priced cheaper knock-offs. In addition, those basement priced batteries almost always have a shorter life span than their more expensive counterparts. Below you can see a rechargeable laptop battery that has overheated and expanded to dangerous proportions.

That doesn't mean you can't buy cheap Alkaline knock-offs. The cheap brands will almost always have a shorter life cycle than the more expensive brands, due to inferior construction and design, but in some cases that's a tradeoff you're willing to make. When it comes to rechargeables, the price savings vs the inherent drop-off in quality remove any incentive for me to save a little money; its no fun when your cell phone only lasts 1/2 or 2/3 the time you're used to with a factory battery.

Images via Creative Commons - Top by cybot586, Laptop image by jaaron

With so many places to buy from it can be difficult to find the cheapest batteries online. And that search can be daunting. But you might be surprised to find that your favorite internet store is likely one of the best places to buy batteries, too? That's right, Amazon. When you compare prices with other internet stores, and especially walk-in stores like Walmart, you quickly see that you can save a lot of money buying replacement batteries online, and even more when you buy them in bulk.

Even as an Amazon affiliate I pay the same prices that everyone else does when I make a purchase, so like you I buy anywhere that saves me money. And there are other choices, sure, such as which I'm also affiliated with and also use and recommend, especially if you want to save money on laptop or phone rechargeables (and recharging kits). But in the end I can't find a better selection of battery types, and prices, than Amazon's, and no one has more buying credibility... we all shop at Amazon for a reason.

And for anyone who is an Amazon Prime member you get free 2 day shipping on almost everything you buy, including many batteries; shipping is a big deal if you plan on buying batteries on the internet.... they're heavy! Need something the next day? With Amazon Prime you get it next day for $3.95. Its worth nothing that there are also cool programs like Amazon Mom that help families save lots of money.

I've highlighted some of the lowest prices I've found on Amazon for the various battery sizes below, and I believe you'll find that they're not only high quality and from a reliable seller, but also the cheapest batteries online. This will help you compare when shopping for your next replacement batteries.

Image via Creative Commons - moria

Cheap Batteries Online - At Amazon

Here Are Some AA and AAA Prices To Compare

Prices fluctuate so they may be more or less when you check. I'll try and update this from time to time to keep the prices relative. I just wanted to show a price to save you time when comparing.

Duracell Procell AA Batteries, 24-Count - $12.10Amazon Product Page

Maxell Alkaline AA Batteries, 48-Count - $12.02Amazon Product Page

Energizer Max AA Batteries, 24-Count - $13.77Amazon Product Page

Duracell Procell AAA Batteries, 24-Count - $9.99Amazon Product Page

MAXELL Alkaline AAA Batteries, 20-Count - $7.80Amazon Product Page

Energizer Max AAA Batteries, 24-Count - $15.51Amazon Product Page

I did a quick scan at the following stores to compare their online prices on 24 count packs of brand name AA batteries as an example. Compare to Amazon at $12.10. As of 03/04/2013 these were the lowest online prices shown listed at:

Circuit City / Tiger Direct: Duracell Procell - $12.22

AT Battery: Duracell Procell - $12.59

Walmart: Duracell Procell - $14.57

Target: Energizer Max - $15.39

OverStock: Duracell Procell - $15.98

Best Buy: Energizer Max - $17.99

These are online prices that I've checked myself, but these don't factor in shipping and each site handles it differently. Again, at Amazon as a Prime member I don't pay for shipping on most items and even get it 2nd Day free. The savings seem obvious.

Original IPhone 4 Battery Authentic 616-0513 LIS1445APPC $2.49Amazon Product Page

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220 (2x - 2600mAh) $9.99Amazon Product Page

Energizer Rechargeable Batteries, AA Size, 8-Count $17.43Amazon Product Page

Batteries contain a lot of harmful substances, from mercury to cadmium, in varying levels. And it's not the one or two batteries that we throw into the trash can that are the problem, its the MILLIONS of others that we collectively dispose of that causes the problem. According to the Green Education Foundation, "Americans dispose of approximately 180,000 tons of batteries each year. Of that number 14,000 tons are rechargeable batteries." That is a LOT of batteries.

In virtually every town, outside of the very smallest, you can find a place that will accept and recycle your batteries. But you have to do a little research to find those locations. You're in luck, though, because Call2Recycle has a quick and easy location finder for recycling locations near you. Typically most large retailers like Best Buy will also offer to take your batteries for recycling, just give them a call.

If the device is a disposable one, with the battery built in, ask someone to help you remove the battery, if it can be done safely, and recycle the plastic and batteries separately. You would be surprised how much of a difference we can all make on our planet if we simply make a little effort. And it's not like we're doing Earth a favor... its actually an obligation we have. Most people just fail to carry their weight. There is a limit... at some point we will have given the planet more than she can handle and the consequences will be significant. There isn't an expert that I've read about who argues that there isn't a problem. They ALL agree that on our current course of polluting our water and airways there WILL be consequences, and not just in 1,000 years from now.

I don't mean to sound preachy, but I feel strongly that if everyone just gave a "small" effort we could do so much. I recycle all of my paper and plastics, and of course batteries. And I'm no tree hugger. I'm a mid-western guy who grew up around red necks; I've done my share of polluting... I just didn't know better. Now that I'm older, I do. And that's the point I'm trying to make, through education and awareness lies the change.

Image via Creative Commons - jeinny

How Do You Feel About Recycling?

Its clear that more and more people are taking heed to the pending problems we face on planet earth as a result of mankind's footprint, and our failure to clean up after ourselves. However, not everyone sees the problem in the same light, or feels the same level of urgency or pending crisis. How about you?

How do you feel about recycling? Are we doing enough as a society?

See results

Assault & Battery

Image via Creative Commons - nickstone333

List Of The Cheapest Sites I know Of, Beside Amazon - Compare Costs At These Sites To Find Rock Bottom Prices

Some of these I'm affiliated with, others I'm not. All of them are a great place to source the lowest priced batteries possible, and as with all businesses their prices can fluctuate so it's a good idea to shop and compare when you're buying often or in large quantities. Be sure to check out my article on 1DaySale and discount sites if you're really looking to get into saving money.

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Take a moment to share your thoughts or suggestions for saving money on batteries...

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