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Chickipedia the WebSite

Updated on September 1, 2009

What is the Hot New Web site Chickipedia All About?

Chickipedia is a website takeoff of Wikipedia the online encyclopedia. It is a who's who listing of "Hot Women" (Chicks - hey I didn't name it) which allows input from the general public through the wikis format.

It is a community portal bringing together wikis of these women, encompassing blogs, videos and photos. According to Wikipedia, a wiki is a type of web site which allows visitors themselves to easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change some available content, sometimes without the need for registration. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring.

The term wiki also relates to the collaborative software itself, that facilitates the operation of such a Web site, or to certain specific wiki sites, including the computer science site WikiWikiWeb and on-line encyclopedias such as Wikipedia.

(Picture of actress Odette Yustman courtesy of Flickr)

What Information is available at Chickipedia?

Actually there is a lot of interesting and worthwhile information here

The Chickipedia site consists of various categories of "Hot Chick Wikis" including: TV Chicks (1380 wikis); Film Chicks (1492 wikis); Music Chicks (483 wikis); Sports Chicks (148 wikis); Fashion Chicks (479 wikis); Political Chicks (45 wikis); Business Chicks (30 wikis); and Miscellaneous Chicks (444).

Within each individual "chick wiki" there is a veritable cornucopia of information and details, (more than we need to know). From the "chick's" measurements to their employment credits, pictures, videos and complete links on the web, not to mention any editorial comments made by the creator of the wiki, and don't forget important stuff like their zodiac birth sign!

(Photo of "Featured Girl" Kristen Bell courtesy of Chickipedia)

So What Do the Critics Say about Chickipedia?

Chickipedia is sure to garner some reaction from almost everyone

"Chickipedia receives over 1,000,000 unique visitors every month. It is entirely user-generated, making it the first female-only encyclopedia of the people, by the people, and for the people."

"Chickipedia is part of Break Media, which is the Internet's premier entertainment community for men. Founded in 1998, Break Media offers advertisers unrivaled opportunities to market directly to a young, male demographic using innovative ad formats that introduce relevant brands to the audience either broadly or on a targeted, integrated basis."

"Chickipedia has appeal to the thousands of lonely masses who care about and want to look at a pretty face, or body, or Angelina Jolie. It?s a site that?ll do well with the male college crowd with time to waste."

"The site is sure to evoke outcries from men and women alike. Its focus on women?s body parts and physical attributes seems a bit excessive. Will it really attract a community of dedicated contributers with expertise on women?s breast sizes and hookups?"

"So what makes the dream Chickipedia profile? It is balanced, factually accurate, and verifiable. This can sometimes take a few days, a few months, or even a few years. For this reason, if you are using it as a research source, it is important to use it very carefully. Some articles may be dead-on accurate Encyclopedia style; others may be gossip city. This is the beauty and the weakness of wiki technology. It is only as good as its user. So be good for goodness sake."

Your Opinion Please? - (Your chance to stand-up and be heard)

Chickipedia is Demeaning to Women

See results

Lil' Internet Superstar

"The Hottest" according to Chickipedia

"The Hottest" according to Chickipedia
"The Hottest" according to Chickipedia

"Most Wanted" according to Chickapedia

"Most Wanted" according to Chickapedia
"Most Wanted" according to Chickapedia

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