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Christian Covers and Cases for the iPad 4

Updated on January 21, 2016

Worship the Lord with Your iPad

Some people frown when they see Christians wearing T-shirts, jewelry or put decals on their cars with a Christian message. The same goes for Christian themed iPad cases.

What you say or wear doesn't make you a follower of Jesus, only what you do does, they say.

I say, only God knows the heart, the intention. People can judge only the action.

Popularity of the iPad 4

The iPad 4 is now discontinued. It has been replaced by the iPad Air. Considering its popularity, there are still plenty of them out there in daily use. They all need to be protected, so that's where our focus will be in this piece.

It's important to know which model you have because the different models have different dimensions and some cases and covers only fit on the specific model they were designed for.

Which Model Do You Have?

Apple doesn't make it very clear what model you have. The trick to finding out is to flip it over. Near the iPad logo will be some tiny writing including the word "Model." Right behind that is the actual model number. It starts with an "A." If the model number is A1458, A1459 or A1460, you have an iPad with Retina Display also known as iPad 4th generation, iPad 4 for short.

Case or Cover?

The primary function of cases and covers is to protect your valuable toy, I mean productivity device. This video will show you what else they can do to help you decide which is better for your purposes.

I've only included products where the description has been updated to reflect the current model lineup. Some vendors only include that in the product title, but leave the description the way it was for the first model it was designed for.

I think that's a minimum you can expect.

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