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Christmas Android Apps for Kids

Updated on November 12, 2013

Great Christmas Apps for Kids and Families!

Entertain your family this holiday with great Christmas themed holiday apps for Android phones and tablets! Tablets and smartphones aren't just for adults anymore - who hasn't seen their child swipe a phone and start playing their favorite game or watching a video? With the growing popularity of tablets, apps and games are now for the whole family!

This holiday season, if you are planning on buying a tablet for the family or even if you just want to have something ready to go in case that trip to Grandmother's house takes a bit longer than expected, download these Christmas themed apps for kids and entertain them for hours!

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici

Christmas Story Books App - Family Reading Time!

Christmas stories are a wonderful and treasured part of the holiday season and reading as a family is a wonderful tradition to start. This app includes four classic Christmas stories, with pictures and music. The "read to me" mode reads the story to the child, or you can read together! So far the four classic books include are A Christmas Carol, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Nutcracker and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, but more stories are being added by the developers soon!

Christmas Story Books
Christmas Story Books

* A Christmas Carol: It is one of the most beloved winter stories. In this tale, a man named Scrooge is taken on a fantastic journey to the past, present, and future in order to realize the true meaning of Christmas.

* The Elves and the Shoemaker: It is a fun Christmas story about a couple who became very wealthy because of the secret help of magical elves. But when they learn how poor the elves are, the couple sew up a little Christmas magic of their own. In the end, everyone learns the value of hard work, saving wisely, and being grateful.

* The Nutcracker: This version of the Nutcracker tells the story of Clara, who yells when her little brother breaks her new toy. During very strange and frightening dream that night, she uses her courage to save her toy. When she wakes up, she uses that same courage to forgive her brother – realizing that losing a toy isn’t as bad as losing a friendship.

* ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: Waking up to find your stocking filled with toys and goodies is exciting. But even more exciting, as the person in this poem discovers, is catching a glimpse of the magical reindeer flying and St. Nick or Santa Claus himself – filling your very own stocking!


Kids Christmas Dress Up - Dress Up Santa!

Who needs paper dolls of yesteryear when you have Kids Christmas Dress Up! Your children will enjoy dressing up Santa in one of four outfits for his big flight on Christmas Eve!

Kids Christmas Dress Up
Kids Christmas Dress Up

Create a festive and fabulous outfit for Santa Claus in this holiday season. In each four cool scenes you can Dress Santa Claus and then play with your creation!


SingSing Kids - Children's Carol - Time to sing!

It's the most musical time of the year! Your kids will enjoy playing with this Children's Christmas Carol app, where they can not only sing along but also create funny sound effects and entertain each other too!

SingSing Kids - Children's Carol
SingSing Kids - Children's Carol

Enjoy your favorite kids' Christmas songs with this fun, holiday-themed Android app. From Silent Night to Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, you and your children can sing along to many of the season's most-loved holiday tunes. Cute animations and funny sound effects will make the occasion even more interactive and fun.


Elf Christmas Countdown - Go on an adventure in December!

Santa's elves are hard at work when they notice that the Frost Giant has overslept, meaning there will be no snow for Christmas! The elves must save the day by traveling to his cave and waking him up, and you can help them by helping them solve puzzles and complete riddles along their journey! A wonderful game to play during December!

The Elf Adventure - A Christmas Story For Kids - Ad-free
The Elf Adventure - A Christmas Story For Kids - Ad-free

Countdown to Christmas with this beautiful Advent Calendar.

Have fun and help the Elves to save Christmas! Will they manage to wake the Frost Giant in time?

* 24 exciting episodes!

* A new game every day.

* An exciting Elf Advent poem with hilarious verses

* Beautifully drawn graphics

* Entertainment for kids and the whole family


Christmas Coloring Book For Kids - Get creative!

A wonderful game for the phone or tablet, your kids can color in Christmas themed pages, and even share with their friends. Mom and Dad can post to Facebook or send as an e-card to Grandma and Grandpa too! Plus, you'll never run out of pages in this coloring book!

Christmas Coloring Book For Kids
Christmas Coloring Book For Kids

A fun Ad Free Christmas coloring book for your children to express their creativity. Kids can color in one of the many Christmas coloring pages and then save and share their creation. Upload to facebook or twitter or share with email. Send your family a happy holidays Christmas image your kids colored in. Holiday songs play on each selection of the color. Use the Menu to choose a new design and your children will have hours of fun. Save the pictures to your phone and set them as your wallpaper. Quality coloring pages for your phone or tablet.


Android Tablets For The Family - Great Tablets For Kids

Wondering which Android tablet to get to play your apps on? Here are a few ideas!

What's your favorite Christmas app?

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