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Chrome for Kindle Fire HD

Updated on March 11, 2013

I'm not sure if Google chrome browser works on the Amazon kindle fire but it sure does work well on the Kindle Fire HD, you just need to copy and install the apk file to your device after enabling third party installations.

The version of Chrome browser you should be concerned with is the chrome for android being offered for free on the Google play website to supported android phones. Unluckily, the Kindle Fire HD is not supported by Google play or vice-versa even though it's an android-like device. However, chrome for android stills works on it if you are able to install it correctly.

I initially installed chrome for beta when it came out and it worked ok except for a few minor weaknesses such as YouTube streaming issues, however, that was corrected when i installed the updated Chrome for Android.

How to install chrome for Android on Kindle Fire HD

  1. Ensure you have enabled third party installations on your Kindle fire
  2. Ensure you've also installed ES file explorer. It's free on
  3. Get the apk file from a free software sharing site e,g media fire. Scan for viruses on computer too.
  4. Copy the apk file to Kindle folder
  5. Open and install the file using ES file explorer
  6. You can use the chrome browser anytime by going to apps

What chrome browser version to use? You should use v18.0.10 or higher as that works well on my KFHD.

Perhaps in the future, Amazon may offer support for other browsers but for now only Silk browser comes with the Kindle by default and for installing other competing browsers like Chrome, one would just have to adjust come settings to make it possible. In this case, you just have to enable third party installations and then copy the apk file to your Kindle using a USB cable or bluetooth.

Chrome browser vs Silk browser on the Kindle

The Kindle fire HD comes with the silk browser by default and this is simply a light browser suited for android devices like the kindle and it allows you to do a lot of stuff like browse the web, make bookmarks and even shopping. Personally, I've been already used to the chrome browser on desktop and probably may be a bit biased in my comparing the two. But Chrome allows me to do a lot of stuff which silk doesn't immediately offer such as importing my existing bookmarks and settings from desktop, easy viewing of web/mobile websites and lots more. The silk is more synchronized and works best with amazon sites than chrome but for other sites, works best for me. Currently, I still switch between the two but chrome makes it easier for me to use.


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