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Get to know more about cloud computing, the OLPC initiative and also what's new in Internet explorer 8

Updated on December 26, 2016

Internet explorer 8: INTERNETExplorer 8 has introduced more than just

enhancements to the existing features of IE7. The biggest achievement for the browser is its performance. It can load and switch between pages quickly as well as deliver complex graphics and videos at a faster pace than its predecessor.

We take the example of Google Maps. If you've registered your address on the mapping site, you can simply highlight any address, right-click it, and select a map to get directions from your place to a specific point. You can use different

accelerators the same manner to find the meaning of a particular word, translate it, or e-mail a particular paragraph.

To maintain privacy, the 'InPrivate' browsing mode allows you to surf the Internet

without revealing your browsing history to other users. Another prominent feature in IE8 is 'Web Slices'. This feature comes in handy for users who visit websites for frequent updates. With Web Slices, you will be notified through IE's Favorites bar when the site has been updated with fresh content. Make sure that any site which you wish to get updates on is 'Web Slice enabled'.

The SmartScreen filter is an updated version of the phishing filter in IE 7. For more protection, the 'domain highlighting' feature helps you stay alert when you come across an unsafe sites (since many sites use spoofed domain names that resemble the original ones). If the site that you are browsing is dangerous, the address bar turns red. To get your hands on the Beta 2 version of IE 8, you can download it from the www. explorer/beta/default.aspx.

Cloud computing: CLOUDcomputing can be defined as an evolution in the world of application computing. It is basically a group of virtual servers which is made available over the Internet. Cloud computing is set to revolutionize the current world IT scenario. It can increase user capabilities without investing in training or licensing of new software. In short, it consists of a pay per use service

that allows one to extend application usage in real time. For now, cloud computing is in an early stage with few providers delivering cloud-based services such as access to applications as well as storage services. All one would need use it is an Internet connection.

The OLPC initiative: OLPCis an acronym for 'One Laptop per Child '. A few years ago, Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the MIT Media Lab, was on a trip to Africa. During his stay there, he was inspired to create a new learning experience for the children of Africa. Thus the idea of the 'low-priced laptop' came into


These laptops would offer more than just education to the kids. It would not only open gates to a whole new world but also help them come up with innovate ideas. This could open new doors for children to explore and interact with the outside world.

Thus the most important goal of OLPC is to provide a medium through which children can learn, explore, and express themselves. As an initiative, these laptops would be provided by the government in schools.

Each laptop would run on a Linux based operating system with 256MB

of DRAM, dual mode display with 7.5' diagonal TFT LCD screen 1200 x 900

and a Wi-fi Mesh to introduce the children to networking.


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