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Compare and contrast RAM...

Updated on August 5, 2016
Installing RAM to its appropriate RAM SLOT.
Installing RAM to its appropriate RAM SLOT.
Position of notches on DDR,DDR2,DDR3
Position of notches on DDR,DDR2,DDR3
Desktop RAM(DIMM)
Desktop RAM(DIMM)


RAM stands for random access memory. Therefore, it is a type of memory that is located on the motherboards of computer machines that basically stores temporary data so that it can be processed by the CPU or processor and making logical decisions and calculations.

RAM is volatile which means when we(users) turn off our computer anything that is stored in RAM disappears.For example; when one types on microsoft word or any text editor program and power went off without saving your work everything will disappears.


RAM (random access memory) is also available on in CPU(central processing unit) or processor, this type of RAM is called SRAM which stands for static random access memory.It is located on L1,L2,L3 caches in the processor chip.SRAM is faster than typical RAM since it stores data less volatile through static charges.

DRAM stands for dynamic random access memory.This memory is the general or typical computer RAM sticks that are installed on the motherboard's RAM slots.It has to be frequently charge by computer power.


1.SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) is a type of RAM for various kinds of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that stays synchronized with the clock cycle of system microprocessor in the computer. This tends to increase the number of instructions that the processor can perform in a given time making it stable.

NOTE: SDRAM has two notches compared to the rest kinds of RAM.

2.RHOMBUS is a type is a type of RAM for various kinds of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that has two notches just like the SDRAM type and a metallic conductor foil that is on top of series of chips.It is a bit expensive than SDRAM.

3.DDR(double data rate) is considered SDRAM since it synchronizes with processor clock speed or cycle but is faster than a typical SDRAM.It has one notch only and double speed the SDRAM type (2x SDRAM)

4.DDR2 is an advanced RAM type of DDR.It is double speed or rate of conducting memory functionality with that of DDR.It is considered however to be of latency in data transfer(2x DDR)

5.DDR3 is an advanced RAM tyoe of DDR2 and DDR.It is double rate in conducting data transfer functionality with that of DDR2.It is considered less latency in data transfer than that of DDR2 (2x DDR2)


1.DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) is a RAM size that is mainly used in desktops type of computers.They are of bigger size compared to SODIMM.For example;home pc (tower case)

2.SODIMM (Small Oline Dual Inline Memory Module) is a type of RAM size that is mainly used in laptops type of computer.They are generally smaller in size than that of DIMM.


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