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common problems with the iPhone 5s

Updated on March 16, 2014

The iPhone 5s

This phone is becoming highly talked about as being the best phone on the market right now and certainly has grabbed the attention of buyers and reviewers. Before you buy a phone you always want to get the inside scoop on bugs with the phone and how easily they can be fixed if you get one.

The handsome handset is marketed very well and is most likely to sell more than it's rivals but is it really as good as it is made out? Please don't take all these bugs/fault so heavy, like all phones it has it's down turns and up sides however this article is just pointing out the worst to look out before you purchase. Personally I love that Apple think outside the box and is always looking to expand on the best however this means they are always the first phones to have the biggest faults.

Remember that all phone manufacturers release phones with faults similar to these and not all these faults are as common as you may think.

The "blue screen of death" bug

This is probably the biggest talked about bug with the iPhone 5s, according to similar articles like this running certain apps on the phone and pressing the home button gives you the blue screen of death. Running Pages, keynote or Numbers and in document editing causes the screen to come up when you press the home button. Several cases have been know for the phone to go into a continuous loop of rebooting, many other say that it only happens several times then is ready for use.

The best suggestions at the moment of fixing this is to simply avoid the bug until Apple find an update for the apps causing this bug. There is possibly a difference between processing the new phone and apps mapping for usage.

Overheating battery and drainage

iPhones have always been notorious for a poor battery life however there have been a few cases where people have bought a new iPhone 5s and have known to virtually die under new use. Although this is a huge problem it is pretty rare and is most likely caused by IOS7 and specific apps where the difference in the 64-32 bit can cause hardware/software to struggle.

Personally I dislike iphones for this and have personally experienced this myself however it was replaced straight away. Even though iPhone is iconic for this many other icons in the android world are just as bad so it shouldn't be the specific reason to avoid iPhones or the 5s.

Back up your files and prepare for a visit to the Apple store because there is no other way of resolving this problem.

Faulty microphone and buttons

The microphone

Yes it's back again, the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 showed this problem and it's back again for more. Complaints have been made about the lack of quality during calls and error that certain recording apps sdon't work at all. Poor quality during call has always been an iPhone specially however it has been known that the average iPhone 5s is better than the models before.

Buttons around the iPhone 5S

The phone was reported to have a rattling sound from the power button when shaken and the home button clicks loud when pressed. The home button is trivial but the power button seems to be annoying and personally is a huge negative for an expensive phone like the 5s.

Other people have reported of a lose sound inside of the phone being the battery being lose, although I haven't seen or heard of this myself complaints have been throughout the apple forum about this fault in some handsets. Personally this seems unlikely however if it does happen to you or you know somebody I suggest you just take this to the Apple store where it will most likely be repaired for free anyway.

The fingerprint scanner

The new tech from Apple was a huge selling point adding a cool new twist to security and making the handset seem like a bond gadget. Unfortunately the quality is apparently not there according to the majority of user. The consistency is apparently not up to scratch and needs to be better.

Rumours of people using their cats and dogs paws to grant access to their iPhone 5s is hilarious however it is no joke that the security of the 5s is that poor upon release. This was a huge talking point during release but has recently died down so I'm assuming models were either changed or only a select few were faulty to the point of granting access to fur.

If you buy a iPhone 5s and the finger scanner seems too poor to be usable then visit your local Apple store to check see if it's faulty.

The iPhone 5s overall

The handset is overall a great looking phone top to bottom, back to front with new and unique aspect that only Apple have provided in the new 5s. The downturn of this phone is old habits with faults and releasing the phone before getting the reliability up to 100%... or even 90% for that matter. If your looking for a cheap, reliable phone this isn't for you. Looking for more function over fashion then this still isn't for you. Expensive, good looking and technical is the only way to describe this phone and really need to work out a few bugs to become a great phone.

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    • Troyangeluk profile image

      Troyangeluk 3 years ago from UK

      Thankyou to readers who have been using the vote for best phone manufacturer, I assumed the majority would be Apple. Personally even though I use an Iphone day to day now my Samsung Galaxy s 3 was better.