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Importance of owning a Computer with Internet connection

Updated on March 31, 2008

Spruce up your Home Computer !

We all know that a Computer is a very useful tool and inseparable part of the lives of many people.But, at the same time, it is true that many senior citizens of India, while marvelling at this piece of technology,stay away from actual use of a Computer.

A Computer will have many roles to play in any household. i am not touching upon its use in an Office or a Factory where it will have numerous applications, depending on the nature of business it serves.

In a household , it will be a source of education and entertainment to a youngster, a data-base and a link to share-market for an Investor,provider of ideas to a Parent helping her child in the project work, a big photo-album for the entire family,a great tool for communication for persons whose relatives and friends are spread over the globe and a BIG window to the world for everyone who is prepared to 'peep out' !

We must remember : while all the focus is on the Computer, its utilisation depends largely on whether or not the family has a quality Internet connection or not and what kind of softwares are loaded into its hard-disk.

The use of our Computer and Internet connection for voice-chat with our sons are something that we enjoy a lot.... the speakers ,a powerful microphone allowing us to chat from a distance as we relax on our divan and sofas and occasional exchange of photos do bring the family together during those moments.Therefore,the last thing we want to happen is an upset Internet or power connection during the week-end.

Internet has helped a lot to bring together people from various corners of the world sharing the same interest, be that a faith, art,hobby or sharing the process of recovery from a rare disease.It has helped people to set-up Home Office and show-case their talent to the world through Internet sites.I tell my friends that do not let your age inhibit you from using a Computer , enhance your life's quality with a powerful Internet connetion, reach out and earn rewarding friendships and knowledge !!

We do need a bit of technical knowledge to buy the best within the budget and have as trouble-free operation as possible .....I shall sortly share my own ideas and experience in these matters.


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    • shyamchat profile image

      shyamchat 9 years ago from Calcutta

      You certainly do a lot of writing! How many hours of daily computer use has earned you this nickname?

      I believe a computer is your mind's window to this world.Therefore, pl enjoy the 'view' !

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 9 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Interesting. I am 63 yrs old and have learned to be a webmaster in the last few years. My grown children scold me and denigrate me if I use the computer and call me an addict. i write on several topics, keep three blogs alternative health, astrology of celebrities & politicians,, and of course squidoo and hubpages. It seems like the reverse is happening here. My granddaughters both like to play games and learn numbers with and other websites with me. can't quite seem to understand why my own 2 children are so scalding.