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compare wifi and wimax wireless technologies

Updated on July 3, 2010

In the current era of wireless communications, WiFi and WiMax are the technologies which provide faster network to the users. This is a hub on comparing the features of advantages of these. As the WiMax is more advanced than WiFi, we can see what more benifits we can get from it. This comparison is not technical. it is just about knowing the WiMax, so that to make a wise decision while purchasing a device supporting wireless network.

WiFi is a wireless technology that refers to the devices that use 802.11 protocol for communication. This network needs the devices to have WiFi network cards to connect to the wireless router. The router would connect to a modem to connect to the internet. The network can be properly reachable within 100 feet from the router. These networks can be unsecured or secured. Unsecured are used for public access in a area. In a public area, to access WiFi network you need a wireless WiFi hot spot near to you.

WiMax is another digital wireless communication system that refer to IEEE 802.16 protocol. WiMax can provide wireless broadband access upto 30 miles. So WiMax can be used as wireless network similar to GSM mobile network than like WiFi hot spots. We don't need cable or DSL to conecct to the network. many features of WiMax are simila to WiFi except that it lessens the interefence and allow higer data rate and longest distances. WiMax does not need a Modem or Router to connect to it evn. It can be connected just like mobile phones by accessing the network from service provider.

When there are many users accessing the WiFi network, they suffer varying levels of connectivity however WiMax allots a significant amount of bandwidth to each of the user. So the data transfer rate is faster and does not depend on the number of users.


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    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      Thank you for the explanation of Wi fi and wimax