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Computer repair and maintenance

Updated on October 12, 2010

In this hub I would like to speak about computer repair and maintenance. If you have a personal computer, then this topic is definitely for you. It doesn't matter that your PC is the newest, the most powerful PC in the world. Everyone once in a while comes to such a point in life when you say, why is it so slow? What do i have to do to end this nightmare? It seems that i bought my PC just yesterday, but now it works noticeably slower than the first day when i installed Windows operating system. Somehow, we tend to forget of how many programs we installed from that first day. Did you do some diagnostics? Did you trie to find out why it's working so slugish, or you just kept ignoring it?
The same is with buying a car. If you bought a brand new Mercedes and keep using it for 10 years without even looking under the hood, then it's just a matter of time when it would break apart. Anyway, enough of theory, let's get to practical methods. What do we do in order to increase the performance of our PC and fix bugs?

Learn to maintain your PC

First of all, you shouldn't be hurrying to PC repair shop. Most computer repair and fixing can be done at home, yet some people would rather spend 50 or 100 dollars than try to fix it themselves. Actually computer repair and maintenance is not such a big deal, most of the work can be done at home by running some essential utilities. Spend several minutes reading this article and you will learn how to efficiently maintain your PC healthy and running and how to boost its performance.

1. Learn how to remove unnecessary programs

Step number 1. Free yourself from the programs that you don't use. We tend to forget programs, that we used to explore, but later they became useless for us. If we left them uninstalled, then this may be part of our problem. Uninstalled programs also use RAM and CPU. Go to the START, then choose Control Panel. After opening Control Panel you should see an icon called "Add or Remove Programs". Click on it and wait for the installed programs window to appear. It may take a sec for the list to be populated. When the list is presented there you have all the programs that eat your RAM. Choose those that you don't use anymore and click Remove. This should be a slight relief for Your PC.

2. Recycle Bin

Step number 2. Check your Recycle Bin properties. Maybe you reserved half of the drive space for the Recycle Bin. In that case files that you thought you had dumped are actually sitting in your hard drive. The only difference is that they are dumped in the quarantined area called "Garbage". Rightclick on the Recycle Bin, select criteria Global and check Configure drives independently. Then go to Local Disk C and D to minimize the space for recycled files.

3. Check your hardware and remove the dust

Step number 3. Check your hardware. If you have a desktop computer, then open your case and see the amount of dust that gathered on seperate parts. Be sure to keep your computer parts clean. Sometimes because of dust some parts can overheat. So, if your PC started working louder and slower, open the case and get to work. If you haven't yet done PC dust cleaning, you should watch the video below. It will help you to grasp the idea.

4. Disk Cleanup

Try Disk Cleanup and free up your disk space. Sometimes the deletion of cached files, temporary internet files and offline webpages can help to increase the power of your PC as well. Click Start, Accessories, System tools and Disk Cleanup. Select the drive you want to scan and click ok. After a minute you'll see the amount of unnecessary files you can get rid of.

5. Use Disk Defragmenter

Defragment your PC. This is a very important step for your computer repair and maintenance. Click Start, Accessories, System tools and Disk Defragmenter. This utility is very useful and very important for it can help you save up some space and impose some order in your hard drive. A volume that you choose to defragment must have at least 15% free space for Disk Defragmenter to completely and adequately defragment it. This program places each file in it's place and puts them in categories. In other words it reduces your files to order. Of course, the defragmentation can take a while, depending on the size of your drive. In order to learn about the time that this utility can consume, first choose an option called Analyze. It will help you to estimate whether defragment is a must.

6. Loose the Looks

Step number 6. This is my favourite. When i first read about it i could't believe until i tried it myself. It really worked. However there is a drawback- you will have to loose precious XP looks and maybe remember what windows 2000 looks like. I dont really care if the windows i open are not so smoothly edged or some shadows dissapear. But it really boosted my PC power up to 25 %. It's really simple.
Right click on My Computer and choose Properties, then go to Advanced tab and click on Performance settings. A window will appear with a tick on Let Windows choose what's best for my computer. If you want a quicker PC, do not let windows choose your settings, choose it yourself. When i first saw this caption, i couldn't stop smiling. So put a tick on Adjust for best performance and click Apply. Job's done. Continue working with a much faster PC.

7. Spyware Removers and Blockers

Step number 7. Find some spyware removers and blockers. These products help to improve your PCmaintenance.There is absolutely no doubt that when browsing through internet you will come across spyware and malware that will try to crawl in your hard drive without you even noticing. These parasytes will continue eating your PC's memory and you won't know what's the problem. Therefore consider your defence. There is a free tool called SuperAntispyware. Download a free version of this product and get rid of malware applications.

If you want to find out more about Spyware Removers, visit my latest hub.Here is some more information about computer diagnostics.

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