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computer running slow and making you mad?

Updated on July 15, 2010

Computer running slow?

Are you going crazy because of a slow running computer? Remember when it performed tasks in the blink of an eye? It was so well behaved and so fast you could check your email, listen to music, sort your photograph collection, check your eBay listings all at the same time.

So what went wrong? You haven’t been abusing it; you still just want to do the same things you used to do. You still only email your friends, surf the internet, do a little instant messaging, catch up on TV shows you missed, help the kids with their homework, design your Christmas cards, check your bank balance, pay some bills. Well that’s actually one of the problems. Actually using your computer inevitably slows it down.

Hard drive full of fluff?

All this normal every day stuff you’ve been doing on your computer actually begins to fill your hard drive with files and bits of files and in spite of the fact it is among the latest technology of the 21st century your PC doesn’t actually handle files in the most efficient way. It stores some of them in a pretty haphazard way, so that when you ask it to do something with a particular file it has to go find the bits.

All the email attachments from your friends and family also take up valuable space, like wise all those emails you haven’t deleted. Every time your browse the World Wide Web those useful and interesting web sites you visited probably left behind cookies and files, all helping to bloat and slow your PC.

PC housekeeping

Here is one quick tip that will create a little more space on your hard drive. On your PCs desktop find the icon for the recycle bin, right click your mouse on the icon and it will open a dialogue box, now select “properties” this will show you just how much space has been reserved for the stuff you delete. It’s set to a percentage of your hard drive, so make it smaller. Just how big do you need your trash bi to be? Now you’ve made it smaller empty it more often, good housekeeping can’t hurt.

Speaking of housekeeping just how well do you look after your computer? I thought so; you only dust it when you can’t see what’s on the monitor, right. So let’s get busy. A hot computer won’t run at its best, in fact to hot and you may end up shopping for a new one. Clean the casing, especially if it sits on the floor where the cooling fan can pick up dust and carpet fibres and cat and dog hair. The cooling vents soon become clogged. Make sure it’s not surrounded by furniture, piles of books or magazines, cuddly toys, sleeping dogs or cats. It needs fresh air. It’s not to big a task to open the case and remove the accumulated dust, make sure the PC is switched off and be careful. While your at it turn your keyboard upside down and shake out all the crumbs.

Disk clean and defragg

Run the “disc cleanup” facility. Click the start button, go to “all programs” now select “accessories” next select “” system tools”, select “Disc cleanup” (on some PCs this may be called Scandisk) and follow the instructions. It will tell you how much space can be freed up on your hard drive.
Now run the disk defragmenter, again got to the start button and find the “system tools”, this time select “Disk Defragmenter” This will tidy your hard drive. As I said earlier, your PC drops files all over the hard drive. “Defragging” should help.

Now remove any programs you don’t use. We all install lots of things which sounds useful or fun then we never use them, so a bit of spring cleaning will help. Go to the “start button” select “control panel” and doubl3e click the “Add or remove” icon. Remove anything which you don’t use.

Registry cleaner

All these thing may help they certainly won’t hurt but one of the primary reasons for computers running slow is the “registry” which is a sort of directory of all the programs on your computer, becomes overloaded with the programs your running and files left behind even when you remove programs. So the registry needs attention but that I beyond the capabilities of most of us but if you want to boost your computer get a free scan at My Computer Running Slow


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