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Computer Graphics : GLUI library for VS2010

Updated on October 21, 2012

GLUI 2 precompiled library for Visual Studio 2010

GLUI is the opensource GLUT based openGL user interface library used by lot of graphics programmers to quickly develop GUI for OpenGL based apps and games. The current version is 2.3, hosted on and works well with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

The only problem is, VC++ 6.0 support was long back deprecated by Microsoft so it cannot be installed on latest Windows 7 OS and the ver 6.0 C++ development Studio itself is replaced by a powerful unified version under name of Visual Studio 2010 which is the current stable version.

For my work I heavily rely on GLUI so I've re-compiled the library with latest GLUI source along with latest version of GLUT source to make it work with Visual Studio 2010. The precompiled debug version of GLUI library for Visual Studio 2012 is available at following URL:

I will upload the VS2010 source along with the latest builds on same URL.

GLUI for Visual Studio



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    • niteshbhatia profile image

      niteshbhatia 3 years ago from Bangalore

      Hi Sebastian!

      The library can be added in the same way you add a library in VS Project. Steps are as follows:

      1. Create a new empty Console Application project

      2. In the project properties mention the include path and library path.

      3. Include GLUI32.lib in linker

      4. Write the code and compile!

      For details on writing the code, you can follow this guide:

      Hope it helps!

    • profile image

      sebastian bozzo 3 years ago

      Hello niteshbhatia! , I have been looking for months about ui for OpenGL, and is the first time I see a user interface based on OpenGL, congratulations! But I have a problem, I don't know how to use your lib, I can't add the library, can you send me a short tuttorial? please!

      Greetings from Chile

    • niteshbhatia profile image

      niteshbhatia 3 years ago from Bangalore

      Hi aaa

      Maybe you are using VC6 based project since libcid.lib is the lib file for old iostream. The one I've shared is meant for VS2010 (VC++9). It uses Standard C++ library. With VC9, try changing all #include old IOstream headers to new #include.


      Old: #include "iostream.h"

      New: #include "iostream" // No .h

      ass using namespace std; if required.

    • profile image

      aaa 3 years ago

      hi man thanks, but I'm still getting the notorious "cannot open file 'libcid.lib' " and "cannot open file 'LIBCD.lib'" errors with it