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Cooler Master HAF XB

Updated on November 29, 2014

The Cooler Master HAF XB

Looking to build a computer? Read our review on the Cooler Master HAF XB first!

The purpose of this lens is to inform you on this exellent computer case for your computer build. We did some research for you becasue we know that your time is very limited and lookinng for information on computers can be difficult and time consuming.

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Cooler Master HAF XB
Cooler Master HAF XB

Cooler Master HAF XB Review

Check Out Our Feature List For The Cooler Master HAF XB

Cooler Master has done it again, by bringing their famous H.A.F (High Air Flow) series of cases to a whole new level. They have integrated there HAF series of cases into a whole new form of case that has brought extreme cooling performance to another level.

The HAF XB is ingenious by having a full sized ATX motherboard tray that is completely removable from the case its self. This means you no longer have to assemble your motherboard inside the close confines of the case.

Not only that but Cooler Master incorporated a large mesh cover over the motherboard area to increase both cooling and performance.

The front panel has also been designed with a large mesh area, but behind it there are two 120mm XtraFlow fans that create a fantastic front to back airflow. Now inside this spacious case you can incorporate a multitude of components into your rig.

There is plenty of room for a full size high performance heat sink (hyper 212 Evo), You are able to fit water cooling radiators, and up to three high end graphics cards in SLI mode.

On the sides of the case you will notice that the Cooler Master HAF XB comes with two rigid carry handles for easy transport. If you remove the two side panels, you have now transformed your case into a easy to access test bench.

Now going back to the front of the case you will notice that it comes with 2 USB 3.0 Super Speed ports, and two high speed hot swap bays for easy data transfer.

By purchasing this case you can not go wrong because of its ability to house all of your components with ease and how easy it is to access those components when you are done installing.

Cooler Master HAF XB
Cooler Master HAF XB

Cooler Master HAF XB Features

>The HAF XB weighs in at 18.1 pounds

>Has the dimensions of 17.4 x 16.7 x 13 inches

>A great case for both enthusiasts and experienced overclockers

>Included are two highly durable 120mm XtraFlow Fans in the front of the case

>You are able to put a 240mm radior where the fron fans are located

>Able to install coolers up to 180mm tall

>Fits 3 graphics cards up to 334mm long

>The case is able to hold either 4 SSD or HDDs via the removable hard drive cage

>Easily removable motherboard tray

>2 Front facing Hot swap bays

>2 front facing USB 3.0 ports

>2 Front face 5.25 bays for disk drives

>Side carry handles for easy transport

We highly recommend this case to buyers who are looking to house their new PC builds, and give it a 9/10 for its features and capabilities.

To purchase this fantastic case please visit the link below:


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