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Does Participating In Forums Work As Before?

Updated on February 20, 2010

General Myths

Everybody having a blog or his own website is a member of at least one or two forums. You very well know why. Because we are all in need of backlinks and we think participating in the forums is the best way to get numerous backlink hits with in the very first day itself without publishing a nice 1500 words article enriched with targeted keywords in your site. Right? Ok. Good intention as long as we stay good.

I am here to clear some of the major misunderstandings regarding this thing. People using Internet are increasing in number day by day. Consequently, members in forums are also increasing in a steady rate. More people means more garbage. That's the very first thing that I realised after becoming a net addict.

Ok, I am coming to the point. For that let us take an example. I hope you are all familiar with DigitalPoint Forums. You can see that at the top of best forums list. The forum is well known for its excellent backlink service. They are not providing it. You are creating links, right? Forums are meant for members to participate actively, centralising a topic or discussion. We all know that. But the present situation reveals that forums are constantly being attacked by spams. Today, people don't participate. They merely comment. because they are in need of backlinks and nothing else.This is the first thing you have to understand at this point of time.

Forums won't help you to increase your pagerank if you merely comment and leave a link back to your page.

You have to really participate in the forum either by starting a good thread or by responding to the opened threads. Nobody compels you to respond in 300 to 500 words or so. What you have to do is just stay on to the topic and make everything clear. Use your keywords in your threads or responses but never exploit them. Then leave a backlink. That would help you. I used to respond in 50 to 100 words. There's no such rule anyway. Hope you get my point.

Get What You Need and Provide What others Need.

I keep this motto in my mind every time I work on forums. I hate responding to most common threads holding most common discussions. It doesn't matter whether you are a seeker or a provider, be more specific. This theory works in Forums very well.

Don't go after meaningless calculation. If I create 5 backlinks per day from DigitalPoints for 30 days, I will get 150 backlinks in one month. Is that right? Of course, 30 x 5=150. But the math doesn't hold good when it comes to spamming. If you really want to get backlinks, particpate in a minimum of 5 specific and targeted thread. Come up with a detailed post (not an essay) including the keywords. Leave a backlink to the targeted page and not the hompage. That's all for getting a high quality 5 backlinks for lifetime. And it's far better than the fore said 150 junk links from spam posts.


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