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Crochet Business: Make Money Selling Crochet or Blogging About Your Hobby

Updated on October 28, 2014

10 Ways to Make Money Online Using Your Crochet Blog

Many people want to earn money from home either selling crochet products in their own crochet business or by using blogging as a way to earn income. Hooking for Cash is an eBook that covers 10 different ways you can integrate income streams to your blog.

You might include sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or even install a cart and sell your products directly from your crochet blog.

Crocheting or any handmade business is difficult to earn a full-time income from. By including various ways to earn money you might be able to do it full time. There are many crochet jobs to choose from such as designers, technical writers, crocheters, bloggers, and suppliers. You can probably create your own niche in the crochet field.

For more further reading on crochet blogging or more information on the Crochet Business eBook visit Crochet Business Blog.

What's Inside Hooking for Cash - Crochet Business Introduction

Hooking for Cash: 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Crochet Blog is compiled of 10 articles each featuring one method of adding income to your blog or website. You can concentrate on one or you can use a number of methods to create a unique business that brings in the income you need.

It is approximately 38 Pages in Microsoft Word and 13, 203 words. This includes a resource sections that includes article marketing, keyword research tips, crochet business interviews and over 50 crochet pattern designers that give permission to sell the completed item from their pattern.

"The very first thing that I want to say about this book is that it was an excellent read and is suitable for anyone who is thinking about starting a crochet blog or website. The book itself does not show you how to set up your blog, however, it provides a link to one of her websites where you can get information on how to get started."

— Rhelena of Crochet n Crafts
  1. Earning Money by Selling Your Crochet Products - This section includes a list of third party shopping carts like, and as well as independent carts you can install on your blog like OsCommerce and ZenCart.
  2. Earning Money by Utilizing Affiliate Marketing - Partnering with companies such as Jo Ann's and Craftsy will earn a little bit of income for you as you recommend some of the products you use everyday in your crocheting.
  3. Earning Money by Promoting eBay Auctions - A quick way to earn money is to add eBay auctions to your blog. You can add your own auctions or those featured on eBay via RSS feed.
  4. Earning Money by Promoting Information Products - Products such as PDF patterns and this eBook via Kindle are all considered information products. You can either create your own or market others products through an affiliate program.
  5. Earning Money by Joining an Ad Network - Adding advertisers to your blog can bring a little extra income each month especially if you have a high traffic blog. You might already have Google Adsense on your blog but what about other ad networks?
  6. Earning Money by Accepting Paid Advertising - Selling your own ad space instead of utilizing an ad network can give you control of the types of ads you show plus it gives you greater control over how much you earn each month.
  7. Earning Money through paid sponsored posts - You can choose to partner with business to blogger companies that pay your to write a post about a certain product or service. Be sure you only choose companies that benefit your readers though.
  8. Earning Money by Offering Private Coaching, Classes or Workshops - Be a leader in the crochet field and share your knowledge with those just starting out. Are you a pattern designer? Teach others in one on one coaching sessions or in a group workshop.
  9. Earning Money by Restricting Access to your Content - Starting a membership site just might be the way you choose to earn some extra income. You can have a pattern membership site or a business membership site. Crochet Liberation Front, Handmadeology and Crochet Spot are some examples of membership sites you might be familiar with.
  10. Earning by Selling Technology - If you can solve a problem that is common in the crochet world than you might just be able to hire someone to code the program. Once you do that you can either sell it or give it away for free. With applications for iPad and the Smart phone becoming more popular you might find a great niche.

One feature of Hooking for Cash I especially enjoyed was reading about the experiences of four crochet bloggers who have implemented many of the strategies Sara discusses in her ebook and have begun earning money with their crochet blogs.

— Patrice Walker of Yarn Over Pull Through

Do you Sell Your Crochet Products?

Do You Sell Your Crochet Products?

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Who is this Book For?

  1. Those seeking to start a crochet business
  2. Those wishing to integrate affiliate marketing into their crochet blogs
  3. Crochet pattern designers
  4. Leaders in the crochet world who would like to start a membership site
  5. Craft fair sellers
  6. Etsy shop, Artfire and other handmade shop owners
  7. Anyone seeking to move their business to the next level

This is a fantastic book with a lot of useful information.

I think it is the type of book you will keep going back to.

It comes up with many ways that I didn't know about and will be looking at in the future.

— Susan Dougill of Crochet Addict UK

Readers Reviews: Will This Book Help Crochet Business Owners?

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    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 4 years ago from California

      @BloggingBasics: I would not have thought of 'marrying' the two had I not been writing on Squidoo. I'm glad I can do both.

    • BloggingBasics profile image

      BloggingBasics 4 years ago

      Hi Sara,

      What a neat idea. And why not? Many people who crochet like to write so why not marry the two together. I used to crochet a bit. Made a little baby blanket for my daughter when she was born and also I made an afghan from crochet squares. After that I stopped, but I love seeing some of the beautiful doilies from long ago. I have some in my home.