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Curating Content

Updated on April 13, 2014

Content Curation = Creative Mashup

Still not sure what content curation is? Here is an easy way to look at it, take other peoples interesting videos, blogs, audio tweets or any other content that is useful and exciting and share it with your readers. Once you find a bucket of worthy content mix it and mash it together with your thoughts and insights and serve it piping hot to those interested in your topic.

TIP: Always link back to the authors of the content you are sharing letting your readers know who created it and how they can find out more about each author or artist. And remember only use enough content from someone's site to wet someones appetite. Content Curation is not about stealing lots of content, no it's about managing the huge overload of information on the web so that people can easily find the best information sans the spam and low quality junk that litters the web.

Content Curation done well can be a boom for business. If you can present the content from say the 10 top thought leaders on innovation your readers will be happy and grateful to that you did the curation work so they didn't have to. And yes a well done Squidoo lens is a great example of content curation.

Gathering Info

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Aggregator + Editor = Curator

A curator moves way beyond an aggregator of information. Curators inject their expertise and heir point of view into the mix. A curator uses context to focus the information making it useful and easily accessible to the reader.

Top 10 Reasons To Curate Content

  1. Be A Hero

    Well for a little while at least. Great curation will help your users avoid the overwhelming feelings created from the huge amount of information overload found on the web and, they will love you for it.

  2. Multiply Your Users

    Remember the tag line from Field of Dreams, "build it and they will come?" Well that can be appropriated for the journey you take into content curation. Useful and unique content will bring readers back time and again..

  3. Create Relationships

    Embarking on the curation journey will open huge opportunities to you to meet and develop many relationships. Both users and the creators of content you curate will notice what you are doing and want to know you better.

  4. Establish Your Expertise

    People will know if your curation presentations make sense or not. If your work shows a deep grasp of the subject your expertise will follow you in social media circles.

  5. Raise Your Blogs Trust Level

    Millions and millions of blogs and most of them are either dead or dying from lack of effort and trust. Well done content curation will get your log noticed and raise its trust level.

  6. Increase Your Knowledge

    Just think of all you'll learn by pulling information form hundreds of sources on a regular basis. You'll be infusing yourself with the expertise of others and then sharing what you've mined.

  7. Woo The Search Engines

    Whatever form you choose to present, great content curation will make the search engines take notice. Do a spectacular job at it and you'll be rewarded. Done well content curation is like singing a song while floating in a canoe under a full moon, you'll be loved by the one listening.

  8. Help Eradicate Spam

    Yes you heard me correctly, good content curation will aid in pushing spam off the top pages in search engines. Just think of it as your own personal crusade to save a content niche from the evil fire breathing spam dragon.

  9. Fill A Void

    There must be tens if not hundreds of thousands of topics and niches people are interested in and not enough content curators to create order out of this vast dark overwhelming cosmic information soup. Just think of yourself as a pioneer who's bringing order to disorder.

  10. Highlight Thought Leaders

    I know this one sounds a bit elitist but bear with me for a second. As a curator you have the opportunity to bring to your users content that's the best of the best and, created by those who really know their stuff (thought leaders). Celebrate those who passionately push the edge of knowledge.

Howard Rheingold interviews Robert Scoble - this runs 26:00 - highly recomended

Robert Scoble Says

See Patterns br>

Verify Patterns

Expand Patterns

Why Curation? - crisply done - on message

Sponsored by a curated blog - Small Business Web Engagement - It's a good example of curation at

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    • Zen Automat profile image

      Zen Automat 4 years ago

      @LifeCoachEdgar: Thanks for stopping by. A couple of weeks ago I jumped into pro and I love it.

    • LifeCoachEdgar profile image

      LifeCoachEdgar 4 years ago is great tool for content curation and has an awesome community. Great to see a lens about content curation.

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      I have never heard about curating content before. I do some doodling when I plan something, but this sounds and looks much smarter. I will give it a go, thanks!