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Delete Skype Chat History | Delete Skype Call History | Erase Skype Chat Logs & Conversations

Updated on April 27, 2012

How to Remove & Delete Chat and Call History from Skype and Protect Your Privacy!

To make things easier for you, Skype keeps a chat history log and a recent calls list on your computer.

While this feature may seem convenient at first, it can also seriously breach your privacy as anyone who can access your computer can easily see your Skype chat history, Skype call history logs and past conversations.

Using Privacy Controls you can easily delete Skype chat history and delete Skype call history with one click! Discover how to remove Skype conversation logs and find out what else this neat software can do...

What Secrets Could Your Skype Chats & Calls Reveal?

Did you know that the default setting for the Skype Chat History is permanent? That means, every chat with every contact is still visible using the View Chat History right-click menu option. Scary hey! This could be a privacy related issue if someone else has access to your computer.

Your computer is a powerhouse, storing every action and piece of data received. Anyone who can access your computer can view your activities and all files, including Skype chat history, Internet history, music and videos you've downloaded and more...

Deleting and clearing files removes only a fraction of this information, leaving you vulnerable to exposure of your confidential information. This is where Privacy Controls 2.0 can help.

--> Worried that your husband or wife might see some of the online chats you've had with people you met online on from work?

--> Don't want anyone snooping around in your chat history or finding certain Skype phone calls you made?

Privacy Controls 2.0 is a permanent and complete confidential information shredding machine! To use it, follow these 3 EASY steps:

Step 1: Download program. (Free Download). Step 2: Scan your computer.

Step 3: In "Chat and Instant Messaging History" you will see the option to delete: Skype Chat history and Skype voice call history; Skype File Transfer history; Skype Voice Mail History; Erase Skype Received Files.

Delete Skype Chat History and Skype Voice Call History

Privacy Controls will automatically delete all Skype voice call history and erase chat log files.

It will also:

  • Erase Skype File Transfer history - This deletes all Skype file transfer information.
  • Skype Voice Mail History - This deletes all Skype Voice mail history.
  • Erase Skype Received Files - This deletes all stored Skype files you have received.

Full Service Privacy Control

Remove Skype Chat & Call History

With a secure deletion function that exceeds U.S. Government Military standards, Privacy Controls will not only permanently erase your Skype chat and call history but all data related to any of your website or Internet chat activities, including histories, tracking cookies and confidential information such as passwords, ID's and banking and credit card information.

Besides deleting your Skype conversations and call histories, the software will also work on applications such as Windows Live Messenger, Instant Messaging, Google Talk etc...

Never worry again about someone snooping about on your computer!

===> FREE Download of Privacy Controls 2.0

This award-winning program will also protect your privacy by completely deleting files and caches generated by a wide variety of applications. It will remove all traces of files created by such popular P2P programs such as LimeWire, Azureus, Bit Torrent Client, uTorrent, Kazaa, and Morpheus.

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