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Dell Server T310

Updated on December 24, 2014

Welcome to the Conception, life, and death of the Dell Server T310

This Server is now concieved (Oct 2011) and staged in the garage- I will document it's change, upgrades, crashes, and operator errors of this machine from life till it's death! It's primary function is a share drive, ftp server, storage, scripts, learning, etc-

Created Share Drive 11/4/11

X drive

Simple form: created new folder in C: drive, right click on said new folder and choose, properties, share, with certain domain users. Now go to your xp, win7 machine and map to your new shared drive.. another tool is to : Start, run , \\servername or if your into cool scripts, see below:


create a notepad file and call / save it as "network_drive.vbs" insert this in the body:

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")

objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "q:", "\\drive\share",,"name","password"


VMware/ hyper V - Not installed yet

Will install 4 virtual servers to start utilizing this beast to closer it's full potential- Decided to go with HyperV

More with Open Manage 6.1 - Options

There's a lot to do with open manage 6.1 and is a common tool for maintenance. Especially for predictive failures on your expensive drives, so look into the storage drop down- this is clearly not a snapshot of my OpenManage but you know (lazy)

Networking Portion - Cisco 3550 / iDrac 6 express setup/ Problem 1.

12 port switch- lets clean this crap up~

Port 1> Internet in from Fios Router

Port 2> Dell Server T310

Port 3> Windows 7 Desktop

Port 11> IP camera


iDrac 6 express:

Press Ctrl-e during bootup....setup a private ip (192.168.1.x) not same as Gige interface 1- then load the open manage cd on your win7/xp machine, idrac tools..etc..Now go and browser into your new idrac setup! crap why don't they just explain this stuff??

Ok so here's problem number 1>

Was able to browser into the idrac, however, password not working (root, calvin) so- the fix was to change the password in config screen on the server...i thought this idrac 6 express password was default...why didn't it work? oh, works now...problem 1 solved.

This is iDRAC 6 express configuration password - why change on a brand new machine?

Oh well> here's a snapshot

11/10/2011 - Added ftp services

Adding FTP services
Adding FTP services

Have never done this before but here goes----

OK, so 12/16/11 i solved the problem of not being able to ftp to home network. I could ftp on the local private but not from the public. So, found this solution:

1. Start Internet Explorer.

2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

3. Click the Advanced tab.

4. Under Browsing, click to clear the "Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)" check box.

5. Click OK

Then i still couldn't get in but i figured it might be because i'm trying to get in from my own network (which has port forwarding to public/private ip) so i jumped on my neighbors unsecured wireless network and Bam! ftp is working.

Home Network wired side - Wiped and started over 11/16/11

Home network wired side
Home network wired side

quick snapshot of wired side

11/16/11 -Yeah i shrunk the C drive too much and couldn't go back...i guess i could've partitioned back with 3rd party sw but instead i just saved, started over, very quick fix instead of the hassle.

hyper V networking - virtual switch


So yeah, i have a few services with traffic on one physical card and each grabbing its own ip via dhcp

11/25/11 Black Friday - Added Visual Basic 2010 Express

doing a refresher course

Took time off to build homemade skateboard rack - homemade skateboard rack

home made skateboard rack
home made skateboard rack

I like how it came out!

update 12/12/12

Display error

Some error about too many logs:

Found a site about removing them and basically the best way to remove event logs on server 2008 r2 is to run power shell in admin mode and run this string:

Run (as Administrator): wevtutil el | foreach { wevtutil cl $_ }

here was the link:

with pics...cuz mike paget likes pics

Update Sep. 2013 - Shutdown and re-tool

Server 2012
Server 2012

Reinstalled Os...going to try server 2012

sniffed around, got a look at the 4 -250G hd's (1 Tera running raid 5) oh, and changed the led display to read "mikes kickass server" instead of the stc normal default readout.

Installed Open Manage v6.1 - led

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