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Monster Diesel Vektr Headphone Review

Updated on July 30, 2012

The New Monster Diesel Vektr On-Ear Headphones

Monster has really did it again and better than ever. The Diesel Vektr is very stylish and provides a great sounding music to listeners of all genre. The best thing to note about these is that they are low-key and pimping with style at the same time.

Fashion is ingrain in today's society, now you can unrelease the beast that are within VEKTR's drivers and reap the benefit of styling in big tunes and receiving uncontrollable strong glares across the room. Step into a whole another level of fashion, and become unique for a low price of only $200. If you can't afford them, then I'm truly sorry because you are missing out.

Reason Why I Bought Them Personally

Monster Diesel Vektr Is Extremely Nice

You won't be tagged down or get laughed at either while walking around with these because they are totally on another level of awesomeness. We'll review these headphones in-depth so that you can get ready to purchase them with no second thoughts.

I've bought them and they are great, I use them everyday but of course if you are smart you'll grab them as soon as possible!

Best Diesel Vektr Review On Youtube - This man knows his headphones

Quantities Will Go Fast - Don't be the last - These headphones are hot as fire!

You don't want to be fooled by the price, this is a great value purchase that you'll not regret buying. Gone are the days of going out without headphones or style, you'll get both with this purchase.

Not only are you looking like a pimp in black leather and sleek tones of black shine, you may just be god-like in the eyes of others. I kid you not, and I can assure that you most likely will never want to take them off because of one simple reason. Once you hear the perfectly engineered beats created by these sweet set of drivers, your mind will be blown away quite literally.

A 9/10 overall rating is given and I deem them a "Must Buy" for anyone into this sort of style. The only bad thing about the monster inspiration headphone is that it does not come in different colors which is kind of a disappointment. This will not stop the majority of interested buyers because it is still a new product and many will only hear about it once you have them FIRST!

Are Diesel Vektr Monster Headphones Made By Clothing Company?

Um ... Yeah they are designed by Diesel

These headphones are Diesel's first electronic product that are a sure hit on the market today. You'll see many young adults and fashionable adult trying to grab these in the coming months, and I know they are simply some of the best headphones out there right now.

You do get what you pay for, and at this price range, you get everything you expect from a great company like Monster. Although, I do prefer them to be cheaper, you can always try eBay as they have huge discounts for used or cheaper copies.

Monster Diesel Vektr eBay Auctions Online - Cheapest Place to Buy Monster Diesel Vektr

Go ahead and share this page as you'll find amazing deals for Monster products.

Do You Like These Headphones? - Answer Below And Tell Why

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