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Acoustic Classical and Steel String Guitars

Updated on June 27, 2015
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I am retired from my job which has been retail sales for the most part of my work. I have collected guitars since I was 15 years old.


Pick your Acoustic Guitar

The photo is one I took of my classical guitar. This is a 1973 Luis Sanchez, made in Spain. My hub is about types of Acoustic guitars. We are having a community sale and I usually bring 4 or 5 to sell.

People are amazed at the different types of guitars, when buying that first guitar. This can be confusing if you have no experience. People need to ask questions first before buying, to make sure they are getting the right guitar to start their new journey.The guitar shown is my Classical guitar and it has nylon stings. After playing the guitar for almost 49 years and teaching beginners for over 30 years, I would not recommend that people start out on a Classical guitar. I have several reasons for feeling this way.

I would recommend a steel string guitar to build the fingers up. You can later find the type of music you want to play. I believe a child needs to start on the steel string acoustic first, this will pay off in the long run.The steel string guitar has a much narrow neck about 1 3/4 inches. The classical is about 2 and 3/16. That is a big difference for little fingers.There are many different 6 string acoustic guitars. Some are:

1. Classical guitar

2. Dreadnaught

3. Flamenco - lighter,head is solid,nylon strings, plate clear below the three first strings

4. Folk guitar

5.Resonator round Dobro

6. 6 string Banjo

7.3/4 Student guitar

Each one of these guitars has its own purpose.In this article I would like to discus Classical guitars. There are a few guitars that may not be handmade and not come from Spain but have a decent sound, I have the Yamaha 150CG-150 CA.

What I like most about this guitar is I can play it as an acoustic or if I need more volume I can use my amp. The Yamaha is also electric. The guitar has a solid cedar top, and that is the reason it continues to sound better each passing year. I think I paid $300.00 for that guitar.

I also have the Sanchez Classical guitar that was made in Spain. This guitar was handmade, and is not an expensive guitar. The guitar is a 1973 and sounds great. The guitar has a very good sound and it is in good condition. I did repair one of the braces, but it was a very easy repair, just a small glue job, I bought this one at a on-line auction for a very small price. I think it was less than a $100.00. The student classical has been another 3/4 size guitar that has held up good for the beginning students.


The Classical music of Mendelssohn,Carulli,De Visee, Massenet, the music of these great composers fits these Classical guitars. If you like this type of music these will be the guitars for you. Every new player has to know what goal they want to achieve.

Classical Guitar Yamaha CG182C

F. E. Fesca, Steve, Rosalind Barnes
F. E. Fesca, Steve, Rosalind Barnes

.Ebony fingerboard, cedar top, top quality guitar. CG182C


Yahmha Is A Great Guitar To Start

Yamaha 142 CG is a very inexpensive Classical guitar that sounds good I have owned a 150 since 1993. It has been a great guitar. My Classical frets very easy and is easy on my fingers. I would recommend the Yamaha as an easy way to open the door to entering the musical world of Classical.

Most of the Yamaha Classical guitars will work for an entry level guitar. I would definitely recommend the CG142C guitar and the CG182C, great guitars.

Acoustic guitars

What Makes the Classical So Different?

All of these instruments have 6 strings and all fret the same way. Single notes are played the same and so are chords and scales.The Classical guitar has 12 frets,Flamenco 12 frets, and the steel string and resonator have 14 frets, the 6-string banjo has 22 frets. The Folk guitar has 12 frets and steel strings.

I would recommend the 6 string banjo for any adult, but not for a child to start. It has a very long neck with 22 frets, no way a child would be able to reach the frets. I f you already know how to play the guitar the Banjo is a lot of fun. It does not really sound like a guitar but since it frets the same you will have no problem playing it if your arm is long enough.If you need to be heard this is your instrument this is loud enough for people to hear.

The Classical is a whole different world. Nylon strings are easy on the fingers, but the guitar is harder to fret because the neck is wider. I really do not recommend for a child unless they show a great interest in Classical music. Adults that like Classical, go for it.

Please leave a comment or ask a question.

A Good Classical For Beginners.

My Yamaha CG 150 1993 is a very good entry level guitar. Great for beginners has a very nice sound and is well built. Photo taken by me.
My Yamaha CG 150 1993 is a very good entry level guitar. Great for beginners has a very nice sound and is well built. Photo taken by me. | Source

Classical Guitar

My1993 Ensenada Classical has a fantastic sound and not very expensive another good beginner guitar. Photo taken by me.
My1993 Ensenada Classical has a fantastic sound and not very expensive another good beginner guitar. Photo taken by me. | Source

Afordable For The New Student

!981 Carlos a very small price to pay; Photo of a  1981 Carlos beginner guitar taken by me, This one has a very good sound.
!981 Carlos a very small price to pay; Photo of a 1981 Carlos beginner guitar taken by me, This one has a very good sound. | Source

Steel String Guitars

I like everyone even the kids to start out on steel string guitars first. After a few months or years on the steel string guitar I feel you are ready for the classical or if not that just learn finger style playing. A child will fly though classical if he already has the finger control from playing the steel string guitar. My kids that started on the steel string most visit and are still playing guitar.

You are going to build hard callouses but most of all you are building technique for all type of playing when you start your finger-style.

Martin Guitars

This is a great sounding guitar with great play-ability. Martin makes fine guitars. The Martin company is one of the best guitar company's in the USA. After you buy one you probably will not have to buy another guitar.


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