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How to Use Layouts for the Three Predominant Digital Ecosystems to Your Advantage

Updated on April 20, 2015
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World Wide Web: Dark Continent of Data

Whether you are a filmmaker, painter, cook, musician, photographer or whatever. Just about everyone --at least those that are fortunate enough to live in a free and technologically enabled society-- must regularly use the Internet for work, study or play. That will only increase in necessity, as even the poorest of lands are getting access to cheap and plentiful smart phones, tablets or are becoming wired up to go online in some form or another.

The great opportunities presented by the World Wide Web have certainly not been lost on the powers that be (insert your favorite government or corporate scapegoat here). Though it is true that most of the various cogs and wheels that make up the Internet's hardware and software are now engineered to be able to communicate between each other. Such as; Android, iOS, Windows Phone, USB, WiFi, Java, HTTP, Open Source, to name only a few of those technologies.

But just as in the Dark Continent of Africa during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries --when empires and kingdoms vied for and then appropriated vast stretches of the continent's territories, wealth, natural resources and you name it-- so it goes with the man made resources of the Internet.

"The Big Three" Compete to Sell the Bulk of Internet Traffic to Paid Sponsor's Preferred Web Sites

There is an unseen limit to the exchange of data between the three differing technological platforms. As in the Twilight Zone, what and where that boundary is --and if it even exists at all-- is not easily defined.

The reason back of it all may be defined simply as avarice. The Big Three invest great effort into the technologies that make the Internet what it is. In the front of their consciousnesses are usually the age-old concerns over how to profit from their efforts.

Almost the entire world's PC's and mobile devices users are customers of The Big Three. Like they really have a lot of choice in the matter. This is the first attempt anywhere to put a name to them, meet "The Big Three." …Google, Apple and Microsoft.

If you think that once you're done with a web search that you are through using Google, think again.

The immense wealth generated for Google from being the premiere search engine is generating an equally ambitious desire to control as much on and offline technological activity as possible.
The immense wealth generated for Google from being the premiere search engine is generating an equally ambitious desire to control as much on and offline technological activity as possible.

Keepers of Keys to World's Access to the "Technological Commons"

n the name of profits --or whatever other impulse might suit them-- The Big Three direct the Internet traffic that comes their way to a list of preferred embarkation points that express their sponsors' wishes. Which may or may not correspond with the destination that a web surfer might otherwise have preferred.

Depending on where your Internet search or other computing activity originate software wise, one or the other of The Big Three will always be in ultimate command of your technology. Earning them billions upon billions of US dollars selling advertising space for the web search landings that reside in their domain.

So Google, Apple and Microsoft --as gateway technologies to most of the planet's Smart Phone and PC Internet access-- have garnered the greater share of the pie. You really cannot stop them. But you can become aware of what's going on in order to at least filter their search engine and other computing results with the proper dash of salt.

Google: King of the Web Search and More

If you think that once you're done with a web search that you are through using Google, think again. Just like Microsoft back in their PC era heyday, the immense wealth generated for Google from being the premiere search engine is generating an equally ambitious desire to control as much on and offline technological activity as possible.

Their net worth closing in on $400 billion dollars, Google can buy into any market --like YouTube-- that they see fit. That includes smart phones, tablets, smart watches, cars and more. The list of mobile products running the Android OS will only grow.

Google isn't just an Internet search engine anymore. With its massively popular Android operating system (OS), Google technology controls over half of the worldwide market for mobile devices. Some of which --like their Google Chromebook-- they now even manufacture themselves.

Google Android is the world's most popular mobile OS

Android Mobile Operating System
Android Mobile Operating System

The Three Main Ecosystems of Today's Internet (stay within one or the other of them!)

For best results in applying these lists, limit your digital activities to only the choices outlined in each of the three lists. Using exclusively the apps in one of the lists, while avoiding mixing and matching applications between the other two lists.

And so without further ado, here is your exclusive guide to the three different ecosystems that have evolved to milk the cash cow that is the Internet.

Google Ecosystem:

  • Google Web Search Engine
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Youtube
  • Android Mobile Operating System
  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Google Wallet
  • Google Drive Cloud Storage
  • Google Chromebook
  • Google Play
  • Google+
  • Gmail
  • Google Translate
  • Google Photos
  • Google Docs

The Apple Ecosystem: At its core is iOS and System X

Apple Ecosystem:

  • IPhone
  • IPad
  • IOS mobile operating system
  • iPod
  • System X (10) Apple OS for Desktop and Notebook Personal/Business Computers
  • ITunes
  • MacBook
  • Apple Watch
  • Firewire
  • Safari Web Browser
  • Apple Store
  • Quicktime Player
  • Podcasts

Microsoft: Down But Not Out

Microsoft Ecosystem:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Phone
  • MS Office
  • MSN Online Network
  • Surface Tablet
  • Xbox
  • Yahoo Mail/Web Search engine
  • Skype Internet Telephony
  • Bing Web Search Engine
  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Internet Explorer
  • Hotmail
  • Nokia
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Media Player

When You Reach a fork in the road ahead, Take It

As a denizen of the twenty-first century, those that will achieve the most with technology are the ones --as Clint Eastwood opined in one of his later Dirty Harry epics-- "that realize their limitations."

Pick an ecosystem to adopt and --for best results in your computing-- don't stray too far a field. You'll save a lot of money on aspirin trying to make things compatible --like apples and Googles, or Xbox and Play Stations-- that never will be.

Vote for Your Favorite Ecosystem

Which of the 3 Main Digital Ecosystems do You Prefer?

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