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Digiland Tablet From Best Buy

Updated on December 18, 2014

"Best Buy" Never Again

I just recently purchased 2 Digiland 7 inch dual core tablets with Android 4.4 and Google play from Best Buy. Now they were the low end tablets but since I was purchasing 2 of them I though for my first tablet I thought they would be OK. The first point I would like to make is that it took 2 visits to Best Buy to actually get someone to help me. My first visit I stood in front of the tablets for 25 minutes and not once did anyone that worked there approach me and ask if they could help. I have done Kindle fire audits with Gigwalk several times in the same exact store and as soon as I walked up to the display I was approached immediately and that was on Saturdays. When I went for the first trip to purchase a tablet,it was a Tuesday,so after standing there and reaching a point of frustration I went to the customer service counter and told them there sales floor was lacking and left. Still wanting a tablet I returned to the same Best Buy in Salisbury Maryland to give them a second chance and my money. After another 20 minutes, someone finally asked if they could help me. They had to do nothing to make a sale except grab the 2 tablets from the cage. Now! Its only been 2 weeks and I went to power up my tablet and part of the screen is not working. I have not dropped it thrown it or anything else. When I brought it to "Best Buy" I had intended to return it and actually spend more money to upgrade it. Best Buy told me it was an internal crack like it was dropped. Not marks on the tablet at all no scratches on dings. Nothing! at all. They said if I would have purchased their damage plan it would be OK. I was told there is nothing they can do. Basically I'm eating $50. With that said and the poor shopping experience. I will never step into or purchase anything from Best Buy in Salisbury Maryland or any of there stores again. The laptop I am using to write this was purchased from one of their stores so it's not like I only spent $50. Goodbye Best Buy and your poor customer service.

Slow down and research what your buying
Slow down and research what your buying

Slow down and do your research

You get what you pay for

When buying a tablet,do your research. Make sure it will do what your looking for. Buying the cheapest might save you money,but you will sacrifice quality. Most important choose a good retailer and check the return policy. If they offer a repair plan,weight what your paying for the tablet verses how much they charge for that plan. Is it worth it

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    • profile image

      Akia 2 years ago

      my tablet is kind of cracked on the inside and is not responding to touch what should i do.