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Digital Photo Frame Wireless

Updated on August 19, 2014

About the Wireless Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are very popular and a great way of enjoying your photos. They've evolved a lot in recent years; adding features and increasing their value. Today, digital photo frames with wireless connectivity are prized. These devices are able to offer much more than mere picture viewing and ease of transfer.

Learn all about these devices below, get tips on choosing one, and see some of the more popular models currently available.


About Wireless Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames have been around for a while now and they're becoming increasingly affordable. In recent years, they've added features. Many now play audio, allowing you to enjoy multimedia presentations. Some have added the ability to play video as well. In fact, some are now full fledged internet players that give you access to online photo galleries, web TV, internet radio, RSS feeds, podcasts, and the like.

Wireless connectivity adds convenience as it allows you to transfer photos wirelessly. In some cases you can stream from your PC and in others you can upload photos and video from your cell phone even when you have no PC available. Many of these devices offer Wi-Fi and some use Bluetooth as well. Some of these wireless digital photo frames make sharing very simple. These frames may have their own e-mail address, allowing you to e-mail photos directly to or from the frame. In fact, some of them allow you to set them up to immediately receive photos that your friends and family post online. Digital photo frames with wireless take connecting to a whole new level.


Choosing Your Digital Photo Frame with Wireless

Before you buy, there a few basic things you ought to think about. First, of course, you need to assure the frame itself will meet your expectations. For instance:

The display.Determine the size you want. Frames that are 7 inches are probably the most common, but 8 inch, 10 inch, and 15 inch frames are available. Check for good resolution. A small frame might be ok with 800x480 but you need more for larger frames. I would recommend no less than 800x600 for an 8 inch frame. You'll have the choice of a 4:3 aspect ratio or 16:9 widescreen. Widescreen looks great, but for the average 4x6 type photo, a 4:3 screen is convenient since no cropping or stretching will be needed.ControlSome displays are touch screens which is very intuitive. Some provide a remote control which is certainly convenient, but most will also have controls on the device itself. Some devices allow you to adjust brightness, zoom in, and so forth, others don't.CompatibilityThe digital photo frame you choose needs to be compatible with the files you wish to display (video and audio). In addition, it must have compatible inputs; USB, mini USB, SD cards, Bluetooth etc. with your other devices. Be sure to check that it will be compatible with your operating system.MemoryMost modern photo frames will allow you to store thousands of photos. For some this is 1,500 photos, for others it's over 10,000. Again, be sure it will accept the memory cards that you use.Other featuresIf you want music, check for file support: MP3 and WAV are common. You might also want stereo speakers. If you want video playback, check for that file compatibility; MPEG4 is common. You might want the ability to search for photos via thumbnails, to have the device automatically orient photos correctly (landscape or portrait), or to be able to produce slide shows. Many users also like a timer function or auto-off function to save energy.In addition, there are things to think about regarding the wireless connectivity.ConnectivitySome devices offer Wi-Fi, and some offer Bluetooth in addition. Clearly both can add conveniences for transferring photos easily and quickly.SharingSome wireless digital photo frames make sharing photos with others easy. They may allow you to receive photos from family and friends via a frame specific e-mail. In some cases this is nearly instantaneous and effortless as they are automatically picked up when posted on internet photo sharing sites. Some of these frames will also allow you to send your photos out in a similar manner. With all this sharing going on, having a bit of security might also be good. Some of these wireless photo frames offer WPS security and others offer SPAM blockers.Additional FeaturesThe wireless connectivity of these devices can go beyond enjoying photos. In fact, some wireless photo frames have become internet players as they may give you access to RSS feeds, news, sports, blogs, podcasts, online photo sharing sites, internet radio, and web TV. Some will act as a weather station as they connect to the weather reports from your favorite cities.

Buy a Digital Photo Frame with Wireless

Vizit 10.4-Inch Digital Photo Frame with Cellular Connectivity (Silver/White)
Vizit 10.4-Inch Digital Photo Frame with Cellular Connectivity (Silver/White)

This wireless digital photo frame has 800x600 resolution and allows users to remotely manage their frame. Photos can be uploaded wirelessly, sent by e-mail or MMS from a cell phone or computer. Sharing with others you choose is instantaneous. Those who receive photos can respond or forward photos on to others directly from the frame itself. Users just set up their Vizit account and create a contact list from whom they wish to receive photos or send photos. They can edit photo captions, delete photos, and manage the RSS feed for 3rd party content sites as well as access photo content from other websites such as Photobucket,, and others.

Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing
Kodak Pulse 10-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing

Kodak's newest Pulse is a 10.4" wireless digital photo frame. It has 800x600 resolution and will automatically resize photos to fit the frame. The full touch screen provides easy control and it is Wi-Fi enabled. You can receive pictures from friends and family via e-mail, Facebook or the Kodak Gallery. With 512 MB of internal memory you can store 4,000 images. Whether you recieve photos via computer, cell phone, or through the USB port or one of the 2 card slots, you won't run out of space for enjoying your photographs. This frame also features a shut off timer.


A Closer Look at the Pulse Wireless Digital Photo Frame

Introduction Image provided by DanaSpiegel from WIRED insider.

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