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Digital Scrapbooking with My Memories Suite

Updated on August 30, 2017

Making Memorable Gifts with My Memories Suite

I like preserving photos in scrapbooks and photo books. When I came across My Memories Suite, a digital scrapbooking software, I was very interested in all that it could do. It enables you to create with your computer a scrapbook. You can keep your scrapbook in digital form on your computer. You can print out a scrapbook at home or at a photo print center. You can order a professionally printed photo book. You can make greeting cards from your pages. You can create a special calendar. You can create an interactive video presentation. You can save it onto a DVD to play on your TV or computer.

With My Memories Suite you can make a wonderful personalized gift. A photo book or a DVD would make a wonderful gift for Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings, graduations, or any other special occasion. The software would make a wonderful gift in and of itself too.

I am impressed with the number of backgrounds and embellishments you can use with this software. The program comes with a basic set of backgrounds and embellishments to work with. You can download many more options. Some are free. Most are just a few dollars. You can also use your own embellishments that you have created or downloaded elsewhere. I love the drop shadow option. The matting option is easy to use too.

When creating a book you can choose to upload photos and add short captions or to write your story and add interesting photos. There are so many options that you will truly be creating a unique book. You may create a book for yourself and then decide to make additional copies as gifts for other family members. Gifts that bring back memories are gifts that will be treasured and cherished.

If you created a book about your parents, you could give a copy of the book to your brothers and sisters, to your parents, to your children, to your grandchildren and to your aunts and uncles and grandparents.

If you have a son involved in sports and you've taken lots of photos of the games, you might make a memory book for your son and you could make extra copies for his teammates. If you have lots of photos of your daughter performing in a dance recital, you could make a book for her

and then share extra copies with others who were in the recital. Photos from a wedding could be made into a book and given to the bride and groom with extra copies being given to family members and other wedding party members. Photos of a couple's life together could be made into a book and presented at their 50th wedding anniversary with extra copies being given to each of their children. You will probably think of many more uses as you work with this program. Your creative side will welcome this opportunity to create wonderful gifts.

I created the page pictured here with some of the design elements from My Memories Suite. It is fun and relatively simple to create special ways to showcase your photos. You will enjoy the ease of creating these memorable pages, then printing them or turning them into special video so you can enjoy them or share them with others.

The Advantages of My Memories Suite

My Memories Suite provides ready made templates that you just add your photos to, and it provides backgrounds and embellishments that you can create your own pages with. You have a choice between selecting from what is already there or creating your own. You have so many choices that you could create many projects without ever repeating a page design. Of course, you can repeat page designs that you really like or just slightly modify them so your project feels connected together.

Once you've made one project, you can then turn it into other projects. For instance you can make a photo book, then you could select certain pages from the book to print out individually to add to a scrapbook you've already begun or to put in a scrapbook album. You could take twelve of the pages and create a year's calendar from them. You can take the pages and turn them into a DVD adding sound such as a voice recording or music. You could create an interactive CD adding in things like short video clips or music or other audio.

You have many choices and options with My Memories Suite. That's why there are so many great reviews about it. Order a copy to give as a gift or buy a copy yourself and start creating wonderful gifts for your family and friends.

#1 Rated Digital Scrapbooking Software!

Video Review of My Memories Suite

The following video provides an overview of My Memories Suite. Digital scrapbooking can be simple and fun.

Making A Book or Video Interesting

Does adding colorful pages and embellishments add to your life story?

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Video Memories Versus Book Memories

Do you prefer saving your memories in a book or in a video?

An Introductory Video

Here is help when you first start using My Memories Suite. Other videos are available to help you with different parts of the software. These videos can help make using My Memories Suite much easier.

Which is More Important--The Photos or The Story

When making a book which is more important to you--the photos or the story

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The Importance of Memories

Preserving your memories is very important for your family. Some day your children may want to know what life was like for you. I personally wish I had more that my mother had written. I have some, and I treasure what I do have. But there are a lot of things I wish I knew more about. Since my mother has passed away, I can't ask her those questions. I am attempting to record more of my memories so my family will have them when they are curious about my life.

Preserving memories in a way that will be enjoyable to your family is important. Videos can be fast paced and exciting. Books are slower paced but can contain more details. You may choose to create a video first and then later decide to make a photo book or a scrapbook. The nice thing about My Memories Suite is that you can create videos or photo books or scrapbooks. You have a choice of what you want to create. Start preserving your memories now before it's too late.

What Ways Have You Preserved Your Memories?

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