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diverted path

Updated on April 4, 2015

reality vs virtuality

Reality is that virtuality that you are what you are. Today, every one of us is so much into the cyber world that there is no left to give a look out. Virtuality has swallowed our senses into it that it’s hard to fight back. What exactly virtual world is? Is it just the social networking sites or what we hubbers do? It’s far away from our reach to understand it completely. Everyone has their privacy, their personal memos, belongings, etc. The virtual world incorporating anything beyond our reach serves us what we want. We have a personal space called the account; belongings relating to our photographs, videos and memos ma coincide with status updates.

Who says that you have got 1 life?? Common look out! May be you missed out on the virtual space or i should say the virtual life around you. You must have heard a phrase ‘forget the past and move on’ but the current status is “forget reality and join virtuality”. Ever since the growth of this virtual era, people have got so busy in virtual spacing that even there is no time to remember that you have a real life too. Virtual world has got into the veins to an immeasurable extent. Being virtual is being human today or people will gaze you as if you are from mars! Don’t even dare to stay away from virtual world or are going to suffer the “taunt haunt”.

Well, it’s just a matter of fact that people prefer virtuality rather than reality. Reality is old and gone and virtuality is the new cool. Families today update their statuses of waiting for dinner. Are we really going the right way? Oops! Or i should say virtually going the right way?

This is just that phase where we are growing. Just wait for the day, when the son would say, “no mom, I‘ll have my dinner on my account.

net overuse


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