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Allonsy! The Most Awesome Doctor Who iPhone Cases

Updated on May 28, 2014

"Trust me, I'm the Doctor."

How many lines do you have memorized from Doctor Who? Probably too many too count, and they pop out at all the best times.

For tech lovers and Doctor Who fans, there's no better way to show our inner Gallifreyan than to dress up our iPhone or iPod. This lens highlights the best designs available that you can use to go to town making your iPhone look awesome. Or timey wimey. Or wibbly wobbly... because iPhones are cool.

Each of these cases is great quality (from my own experience) and provides solid, stylish protection for your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. The print quality is very good also; they even match or exceed the quality of official merchandise, which at times can be a bit low. Fear not! The cases from RedBubble (a terrific source of great, usable art) are good quality you can actually appreciate.

I've owned some of these myself and the quality is very good - the cases snap nice and tight and give you a good wall of protection around your phone.


T.A.R.D.I.S Sauce

This design is available also on t-shirts, hoodies, and an assortment of kid clothes - so if you don't have an iPhone but love the art you can still pick yourself up a nice gift you'll use.

Get T.A.R.D.I.S. Sauce >

Fish in the Fog
Fish in the Fog

Fish in the Fog

The art on this looks a bit like a mix between artwork by Escher and Doctor Who - who knows if Escher would liked the Doctor if he were around today? This is something you'll love if you're a fan of both.

Buy Fish in the Fog >

Ultimate Villain
Ultimate Villain

Ultimate Villain

The Cybermen ("Ultimate Villain" I think should be reserved for the Daleks) are one of the coolest recurring foes of the time traveller from Gallifrey. This one looks almost like a biker tattoo... awesome? You decide. You can also find it on clothes for adults and kids, and the stickers.

Get Ultimate Villain >

Timelord and Proud
Timelord and Proud

Timelord and Proud

One of the most popular bad guys in Doctor Who history has been the Weeping Angels. This case does them justice, basically recreating one of the scenes from Blink (one of the best Doctor Who episodes).

Buy Timelord & Proud >

The Trip of a Lifetime
The Trip of a Lifetime

The Trip of a Lifetime

A realistic watercolour version of the Tardis, with the endless limits of space and time in the background remind you of the distances the Doctor travels to set things straight.

Get Trip of a Lifetime >

Ich Bin der Artz/I Am the Doctor
Ich Bin der Artz/I Am the Doctor

Ich Bin der Artz / I Am the Doctor

This propaganda-styled case is only available for iPhone and iPod - and has a cool cold war feel to it, using German (from behind the Iron Curtain) to display one of the Tenth Doctor's oft-heard sayings "I am the Doctor."

Grab Ich Bin der artz >

Tenth Doctor in the Mist
Tenth Doctor in the Mist

Tenth Doctor in the Mist

This case features black and white artwork with the doctor disappearing into the mist, about to enter the Tardis and disappear for good.

Buy 10th Doctor in the Mist >

Tardis in Space
Tardis in Space

Tardis In Space

Apparently, the Tardis flying through space is a popular theme... gee I wonder why? The Tardis is partially hidden, emerging from behind a nebula of stars.

Get Tardis in Space >

Tenth Doctor on a Union Jack
Tenth Doctor on a Union Jack

Tneth Doctor on a Union Jack

A bit grungy, very British, and 100% Tennant - show your inner Englishman by dressing up your iPhone with this simple, stylized British flag-on-a-Tardis case.

Tenth Doctor on a Union Jack >



Ultra-modern design, ultra-evil silhouette. You can either have a Doctor, or you can go in the other direction and show off a bit of malice with the Daleks. Instantly recognizable as the foremost enemy of the Doctor.

Grab Extermiante! >

Tardis in the Clouds
Tardis in the Clouds

Tardis in the Clouds

This is similar in style to the Tenth Doctor in the Mist I highlighted above - except this one shows a vibrant Tardis being slowly concealed in the clouds as it disappears. The lighting on this one is very niceā€¦ with a bit of a reflection and glow on the roof of the Blue Box.

Tardis in the Clouds >

Doctor Who, Phone Home!
Doctor Who, Phone Home!

Doctor Moon

This one is old school science fiction, blending the blockbuster E.T. from Steven Spielberg with the longest-running British TV show. Doctor Who, Phone Home!

Buy Doctor Moon >

A Cunning Disguise
A Cunning Disguise

A Cunning Disguise

Okay, this one's just wrong... a Dalek dressed up just like Tom Baker's Doctor, with the hat and signature scarf? This case cleverly imagines how a Dalek might try on the best disguise in the history of best disguises.

Buy A Cunning Disguise >

Doctors at Play
Doctors at Play

The Doctors At Play

Doctor Who combinations are common - Doctor Who and Beatles, Doctor Who and Chinese Take-away, etc... this is Doctor Who and Calvin and Hobbes!

Pick Up Doctors at Play >

Back to the Tardis
Back to the Tardis

Back to the Tardis!

The Tenth Doctor can also be combined with a healthy dose of Back to the Future for fans of both time travelling duos: The Doctor and Rose Tyler, and Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

Buy Back to the Tardis! >

One Thing to Keep in Mind!

From My Own Experience

I've bought these cases for my iPhone 4 - and I can personally vouch for the quality of both the print and the case. But, please note that the case can be a bit tricky to get on because you have to really push to snap it into place. Don't worry this won't damage your iPhone!

Also, it's made to stay on the iPhone once you put it on. I'm a chronic case-changer, and after many times snapping these cases on and off, the case isn't as tight as it was when it was brand new. Most people won't have this trouble at all, because if you snap the case on and leave it you'll be absolutely fine. These cases are nice and tight when they're new.

Good solid protection for a good stylish iPhone, good stylish Doctors and a mix of good stylish original art make any one of these a great gift, or just buy it for yourself.

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    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 

      5 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      Love the "Back to the Tardis!" one, very cool!


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