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Does Ooma Work?

Updated on January 24, 2013

I first learned about Ooma when I was looking for ways to ave money on my monthly phone bill. The first hing I wondered was "Does Ooma really work?'

I set off to find out.


Thankfully, Ooma maintains a Facebook page, an online forum, and there are hundreds of reviews on Amazon. So I was able to find a lot of reviews on Ooma.

Bottom line? Yes, in most cases, Ooma works well. It has great sound, and is used by many home businesses and savvy homeowners a like. Plus, if you find that your Ooma doesn't have the sound you like, there are probably some QoS settings you can change on your router to improve the sound quality.

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What is the Slowest Internet Speed That Ooma Needs to Work?

In Theory, Ooma can work with internet speeds as low as 130/kbps.

However, the sound isn't very good at those speeds.

I would make sure that my internet provider offers at least 256 kbps upload and download speed. in order to get the best sound out of Ooma. With these lower speeds you might not want to surf the internet while you talk.

I have 10mbps download and 1mbps upload speed and can watch Netflix, listen to Pandora AND talk on the phone with no problem

Does Ooma Work With Fax?

Fax was not designed for VoIP technology. VoIP technology is more intermittent, sends its information in packets, and is more susceptible to interruptions than the fax protocols were designed to handle. Depending on your internet connection, it can require a little more finessing to get your fax to work with Ooma -- or any VoIP netowrk.

However, if you are just looking for the ability to send occasional faxes, than Ooma can be a great fit for you.

Here are some tips:

- Disable QoS for your Upstream Internet Settings. You'll need to log into your router settings to change that.

- If you are using a separate Modem and Router, Install the Ooma device after the modem and before the router

- Disable ECM (Error Correction Mode) on your Fax

- Try a lower speed (baud rate). This will take longer to send faxes but may increase accuracy

- Decrease Desired Image Quality

Does Ooma Work With Alarm Systems?

For people with home security systems it is important to consider this before changing to a VoIP.

Because the internet connection is so dependent on many different things, a most security systems do not use them. They want a more secure and reliable connection such as a landline or even a cellular connection.

So, no, Ooma will not work with a home security system. You may want to keep a basic landline, or talk to your security provider about a separate cellular phone connection.

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