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Download Google chrome for Kindle fire hd

Updated on February 13, 2013

Would you like to use Google Chrome browser on your Kindle Fire hd? Well as you might have already found out, it doesn't come pre-installed on the Kindle and you would have to install it as an application using a suitable method. I've downloaded and installed the Chrome browser on my Kindle and it works great. I initially tried the beta version and later on installed the updated version which works better.

It is available on Google Play Store but

You should note that the Google chrome installation file you should be looking for is not the desktop version but the android version which comes as an app which you can get on a trusted site like Google Play - The problem here is that you can't download files directly from Google Play to Kindle fire HD since the device does not have the Google Play apps already installed. I tried downloading chrome directly from the Google apps website but it required that the appstore be installed on Kindle fire. So we would have to find a way to first install the Google Play store app before installing any other apps from Google's store.

Google's android app site is where you'd be able to get the specific Google chrome browser that is suited for android devices like the Kindle and it is available for free and currently in beta version. It is likely to be upgraded to a more fuller version as times goes on but you can star using it already if you've downloaded and installed.

Google Chrome app is not supported by Amazon

Since it is not directly recommended or listed by Amazon in their app store, you would have to re-configure your settings to allow third party installations and once that is done, you'd be able to install files from sites like if you already have Google pla else you should just copy the apk file for Chrome from third parties directly. You can allow third party installations by pulling down your settings bar, going to More > Devices > Allow installations from unknown sources and switching it on.

How to download and install Google Chrome app

  1. Just go to and follow the link there with your Kindle browser. You may also download to computer and then copy to Kindle from any safe source
  2. Open the apk file with ES file explorer
  3. Allow to install
  4. Open the app and start using the browser. (You can import your desktop bookmarks too)

You can also copy chrome apk files from your peers or any genuine website but you should be conscious about software security. If copying from your computer to Kindle storage, you would need to open the file with ES explorer in order to do an effective installation

*If somehow you are also able to root your device to install app like Google Play store, then you can also get more apps like Google chrome directly from the store and it is proobably much safer downloading directly from Google.

I do hope Amazon would update the Kindle software to also come with Google play app so that Kindle users would not have to root their device since that is not a safe thing to do.

After doing the Chrome download and installation, you can always open up the app from your installed location and be able to use the app to browse the web just like your silk browser does.

Checkout my blog post on this topic


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