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How To Make Coffee With Your Smartphone

Updated on July 13, 2017

In the past phones were used only in order to make calls and send text messages. Today you can do everything with a smartphone: you can use social networks, watch movies, listen to music, play games and many other things. Considering the fact these devices are really powerful, PCs, tablets and smartphones have their specific features: they are not Star Trek replicators and so if you are hungry, your iPhone is not going to prepare food for you (you can just rely on it in order to find near restaurants, cafes or supermarkets). A smartphone can still be able to prepare coffee for you!

A Special Phone Case

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It may sound unbelievable (and a little bad for who owns a cafe), but people may be able to enjoy coffee wherever they are and at any moment, just by using an app and a special phone case: Mokase. It is an Italian invention which will be available in September (even if it is possible to pre-order the product). This case contains a little slot in which you can put a coffee pod: whenever you open the app and ask for a coffee, the pod is used and your beverages is prepared and served through little tubes installed inside your case. This invention allows you to protect your phone from accidental damages and it gives you freedom of drinking coffee at any moment and in every place, without having to go to coffeehouses anymore. It will not be able to replace the smiles of your Starbucks's barista and the people you can chat with in a real coffeehouse... it cannot even replace the various beverages you can find in a cafe, as you will only be able to drink Italian espresso coffee... but it will surely be great in order to satisfy your desire of drinking a hot cup of coffee if you are far from coffeehouses or if you just cannot go in one of them.

This beverage is only available at Starbucks... but if you just want an espresso coffee, Mokase is available for you!
This beverage is only available at Starbucks... but if you just want an espresso coffee, Mokase is available for you!

An additional battery to be charged

As you can imagine, such a complex phone case is not just a piece made in order to protect your phone: it is a real coffee machine in miniature. A battery is included inside your case and you have to charge it just like the phone's one. In addition the product will make your phone thick... it is the price to pay in order to have coffee with you at any moment.

You can drink various types of beverages
You just drink Italian espresso coffee
You can talk to other people
You still have your social network apps!
You have to find a place near you in order to enjoy coffee
You can drink a hot coffee cup whenever you want
You may have free Wi-Fi here
Your phone is protected... and your coffee served!
General pros and cons of coffeehouses and Mokase

For Real Coffeeholics!

If you love coffee so much you cannot imagine life without it and you want to have the opportunity to drink it at any moment just by using a smartphone app, then Mokase is the perfect choice for you! It is also good for all the people who want to have a something special in their hands: it would be amazing to ask a friend if he wants a coffee and prepare it just by opening an app! Just remember there is not magic in Mokase: if you end your coffee pod, your case is no more special (until you replace your used pod). There is still innovation in such a particular product, which will surely have success in Italy, a country where people are used to drink much espresso coffee, but which can be also interesting for coffeeholics living in other parts of the world.


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    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      18 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      This is crazy!


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