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Do people still fax?!

Updated on March 2, 2011
You've done your job well, old friend.
You've done your job well, old friend.

As I sit here and write....

There is a fax machine that sits just 15 feet away from me. I'm not exactly sure what its function is here anymore since we got signed up with efax. It may just serve as a backup copier or something, but who knows. I decided to share my thoughts a on a newer way of doing faxing. A method I was completely unaware of until just recently. (Even though I now understand that it has been around for several years)

I'm talking about electronic faxing. Once I realized how awesome this is, I had to tell everyone! No more number dialing, no more busy signals, long beeps, short beeps, error reports or anything like that. It works similarly to email but you have better options when going with an efax over a an email when it comes to doing business on a daily basis. Lets go over some benefits.

How exactly does E Fax work?

eFax is an Internet fax service that offers the convenience of email and the power of the Internet to make it easy to send and receive faxes from anywhere. eFax eliminates the need for a fax machine, an extra telephone line and all the associated expenses (paper, ink cartridges, etc). You get a genuine Fax number that's tied to your email allowing you to send and receive faxes as email attachments.

Sign up now and see for yourself that eFax is as easy as email.

Get started now with this exclusive offer!

Click here to try eFax for 30 days for free! If you don't like it, you can cancel no questions asked. You can generate bigger profits your small or large business, and cut down an immense amount of fluff time that manual faxing requires. Try the service today, if you fax more than 5 times a day, it's more than worth it.

What is your take on e faxing?

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