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eLister Pro: Good, Bad, or Scammy?

Updated on April 28, 2015

Everyone knows that eBay can be a pain to organize and work with. It can literally take hours and hours of your life to just set up proper listings. The task is simply time consuming, and the old saying “time is money” is especially true for most hardcore sellers on eBay. Having a bulk of items to sell is great strategy to profiting some money, but sometimes it is discouraging to actually set up all of those listings in such short amount of time. A program that has been floating around the internet is called eLister Pro—not to be confused with eList Pro, which is an email application—that promises to shorten your listing needs into a matter of seconds. Sounds too good to be true, but still it has a lot of movement online. So one can’t help but wonder what it’s all about. There are plenty of reviews and all seem positive, but nothing is perfect. The following content will be based on purely critical reviewing if eLister Pro works as advertised or if it’s just a big pile of donkey doo.

The internet is filled with scam offers, so what exactly does eLister Pro do?

Well, apart from the obvious of listing all your items in matter of seconds is one perk it boasts. Other abilities are it customizes and enhances the aesthetics to a professional look to your listings. It also allegedly offers eBay training, which just means it teaches you how to use eBay effectively to earn more by selling. Doesn’t sound too bad once you think about it, but really one has to wondering why it took so long for something like this to even emerge from the minds of inventors. We’re living in a world of digital devices that can start up cars for us through the use of an app, but I digress. The program basically guarantees that it’ll make life easier if things got done in seconds (about 90 seconds). Taking the software for a test run comes at a cost, which is hard enough to find exactly how much it’ll cost unless you’re willing to risk in trying it out for yourself. Additionally, the program was created by three individuals that apparently have immense success in eBay by using the very program they invented, yet digging deep into the World Wide Web reveals that these individuals are not as prominent members in the eBay niche of successful sellers. Possibly the advertisement is simply that, advertisement.

Taking a peek at the product’s website, it has the makings of a shady looking website that you pay someone to do overnight; with social media photos of people that claim to have “used” the product and have had tremendous success by utilizing it on their own business endeavors. Plus there is an obvious “guaranteed 100% satisfaction” stamp of approval next to eBay logos that claim it is compatible with the famed auctions site.

The product itself is used through monthly membership payments $19.99 and a $1.00 7 day trial. That’s a pretty strange offer, why would anyone want to pay anything to test a product, might as well just sell it at full price. Much like Microsoft does with their programs. Anyway, it promises a lot of guaranteed abilities and “much more.” One noteworthy mention about this product is that until recently this month, eBay had not approved the software for any viable usage on their website.

Practically because using eLister seems to duplicate content that is basically dumped into HTML coding that eBay’s own bots won’t crawl properly, and if anyone knows, crawling bots help rank up people’s status on eBay. For some reason eLister Pro doesn’t do that. In fact, it seems to lower it.

So is it a scam?

Not necessarily, it does cut down the work for listing, but it won’t let you rank up. It does make pretty nifty customizations; it might be ambiguously approved by eBay, maybe. So using it with an uncertain explanation if it can be used in accordance with eBay’s terms is a risk because it might get your account banned and you’re out of $20 or more. Lastly the training is pretty standard stuff that you can most likely find for free online. The best solution if anyone is willing to try this product is to use it for the organization set up and insert the HTML code yourself afterwards, then avoid using it to automatically implement it with eBay at all.


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