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Updated on March 13, 2015

How to earn from Twitter

Twitter is one of the powerful social media communities in the web. Twitter is one among the biggest social media communities which is visited by people from all around the world. This lens discusses some of the best ways to use twitter.

We start with some benefits of twitter, how people use twitter, efficient twitter usage and finally with some useful tips to earn from twitter.


#1 How to start using twitter

Get found online with twitter

Twitter is one of the powerful social media platforms which can be used efficiently to get found online. As twitter is free to join, you can join and start following your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Start using Twitter efficiently by updating few tweets daily, commenting on the latest tweets of your friends and retweeting the tweets which you like. This increases your twitter usage and also chance for others to find you on twitter. One important point you should note is that the more followers you have in twitter, more is the chance to get found online.


#2 Building your influence on twitter

Increase popularity in twitter

Twitter is one website where you have a chance to showcase your influence. Once your tweets started getting prominence, advertisers love to have paid tweets from you. So building credibility is the key initially to gain more twitter followers. I have around 1200 twitter followers and they are increasing every day. There are many ways to generate revenue from twitter. Read my article 5 Ways to Earn from Twitter where you can get basic idea of using twitter for generating revenue

#3 Tips to improve twitter fans - Twitter tips from experts

In twitter, more the credibility you have, more is the chance to successfully generate revenue for your business through twitter. Given below are some of the useful books on twitter written by experts that can help you to build a good fan base in twitter either for yourself or for business.

Hi Lets have small poll


Let's have small poll. simple and 5 second poll on twitter

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#4 Building Twitter Lists

Do you have twitter lists for your business

In twitter, the best ways to reach out to your customers or friends are through hash tags and Twitter Lists. Hash tags are the tags which you update with your status update. Don't forget to update your tweet with the hash tag. Trending twitter topics are identified through hash tags.

Lists help you to organize your Twitter followers into a suitable list so that you can easily communicate with those friends, relatives and customers. I use twitter lists to manage my Squidoo friends, bloggers, writers and relatives. Search engines also started indexing lists of twitter users. So if you have a good list, then you can be in top pages of Google with your list.


#5 Work from Home Jobs with twitter

How work from home moms earn from twitter

Well most of them are surprised when I used these words "Work from home jobs with twitter". If you read my article Work from Home Jobs with twitter, you will understand how easy it is to use twitter to generate revenue if you use twitter efficiently.

Books and links which I mentioned in this lens are some of the stepping stones for building huge revenue with twitter.

Useful Twitter Links - Useful Links for twitter

Given below are some useful twitter links which will be useful for you to get an understanding about using twitter and how twitter can change your freelance career.

Honestly earning money from twitter is possible if you have a definite planning and strategy. You should have a fan base and build credibility in web.

Once your readers understand what you write has some value, then they would definitely read it. I have around 1500 followers in twitter. Do follow me at sriramraj on twitter

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