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Earning Money from Blog

Updated on September 4, 2016

Basic Blogging Ideas

Blogging in olden days is treated as a hobby. Many people used blogs to write about personal articles. But as search engines have started indexing blog content, blog advertising has become one of the efficient advertising strategies online. Now there are top bloggers in every field sharing their expert blogging tips and earning huge revenue from their blog.

Some of the blog driven websites generate good amount of revenue per month which is more than an middle class full time employee earns. Such is the profitability a blog has. There are many top blog platforms providing free blogs online. But you can also develop your own self hosted wordpress blog which helps you to add professional themes, add suitable wordpress plugins that can help your blog increase search engine rankings and earn huge money from it.

Blogging is for bloggers. Not for money earners
Blogging is for bloggers. Not for money earners | Source

Top Blog advertising sites - List of Blog advertising sites

Blog advertising sites are one of the powerful money earning sources for bloggers. Earning money from these sites depending on the search engine rankings of your blog and niche (topic) your blog is related to.

Blog Advertising websites are the mediators between actual advertisers and bloggers. They showcase the bloggers and drag the attention of advertisers. In return, they charge definite percentage of amount from bloggers or advertisers.

Given below are the list of sites which can help you to earn money from blog. Given below are the short steps

  • Join each site as each of the below sites are free to join. Register yourself as blogger.
  • Submit your website or blog to them and wait till the confirmation of your blog getting approved is received.
  • Once they are approved, you can start sharing your preferred amount for promoting advertisers products.
  • If they are ready for your price, they will approve you to write an article.
  • Once your article is approved, your payment will be confirmed.
  • Once minimum payout is reached, you can checkout to your paypal or bank account depending on the blog advertising site.

Lets get started with each of the blog advertising site and how they function and what are the advantages and minimum payouts

Share your opinion - Your opinion counts

blog poll
blog poll

This poll module helps users how a blog can ideally be beneficial for business and bloggers online. If you are using blog for your business or using blog to generate revenue, then do share your opinion with us

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Blogging Benefits
Blogging Benefits

#1 Sponsoredreviews:

Sponsored reviews is one of the top blog advertising networks which gives you opportunities on a short and long term. Its free to join. Once your blog gets approved in their system, you need to bid on the opportunities. Once your bid is accepted and article gets approved, you get paid through paypal

Sponsored Reviews Joining Link: Sponsored Reviews

Minimum Payout: 10$

Payout Period: Monthly

Payment through: Paypal


New but very effective blog advertising site. You will be mailed if you have an opportunity to blog. Free to join.\

shetoldme :

shetoldme is one of the top site which earns you money through Adsense. Its Free to join. Publish your articles here in this site for free and earn 100% revenue from adsense. Only for bloggers and accounts are approved and a confirmation mail will be sent once your blog is acceptable in their website.


IZEA has combined their different platforms payperpost, socialspark, sponsoredtweets into one IZEA platform.

Now bloggers have a single platform where they get opportunity to earn money. They can monetize their social media accounts, blogs and websites through IZEA.

They have paid membership plans also which gives more visibility to bloggers for getting advertiser attraction

Membership Plans: Free/Paid

IZEA joining link: Join IZEA Platform here

#3 LinkFromBlog


Linkfromblog is one of the best blog advertising sites for beginners. One of the top sites which pay you every month. You need to bid for opportunities and how much amount you want to write review for your site. If advertisers accepts, you earn.

Monthly payout

Minimum payout: 5$

Joining Link: Join Linkfromblog

#4 ReviewMe/MatomySEO

Matomyseo is another highest paying blog advertising site. This site only selects the best blogs and it is difficult to get your blog approved if you don't have good search engine rankings.

Pays monthly. No minimum payout. They pay you for displaying advertisement pages and links in your blog's side bar.

Choose the links which suites your blog and you are ready to earn good money from this site.

#5 Linkworth

Linkworth is a powerful blog advertising network. You can completely depend on them for your blog advertising. They bring you good number of advertisers for blog review, link advertising, banner advertising and much more. However their approval system is tough and requires your blog to have good number of followers.

Once approved, you can get good amount of revenue through blogging.

Linkworth Joining Link: Join Linkworth free

Blogging books for beginners - Blogging Tips for freshers

Blogging is one of the powerful revenue generation work from home jobs in the web. Go through my lens Top Work from Home Jobs where you can find blogging as one among the top 10 work from home jobs in Internet.

Given below are 4 best blogging books I like which I would like to share.

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