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Cute Earphone Jack Accessories

Updated on September 28, 2014
Cupcake earphone jack accessory
Cupcake earphone jack accessory | Source

Kawaii Earphone Jack Accessories

It may be a bit silly or trivial...but one thing that disappointed me when I got my first smartphone was realizing that the iPhones and Android phones out there do not have a little loop to put cell phone charms on. I have liked having those little charms dangling on my phone that personalizes the phone as mine.

But then I began seeing little plastic things that plug into the earphone jack of the phones. (Because they are made of plastic when they are plugged into the earphone jack they make no electrical connection and thus should not interfere with how your phone works.) They are decorative, and in some cases practical as well.

These earphone jack accessories (which I have also seen called earphone dock accessories, earphone caps, dust caps, etc, or also using the word headphones or earbuds instead earphones) seemed to be more common in places like Korea and Japan, but they seem to becoming more common in places like the United States too.

I think that they are a fun and worthwhile accessory for your phone. So here are some earphone jack accessories that I have seen available.

Kawaii Earphone Jack Accessories

From bows, stars and hearts. Fluffy fur balls and rhinestones. Cute animals and famous brand name characters. There are lots of really cute earphone jack accessories out there for almost anyone's taste.

Screen Cleaner Earphone Jack Accessories

You are touching your phone's screen all of the time. Greasy fingerprints from the natural oils of your skin are inevitable. So these handy Screen Cleaner Earphone Jack Accessories that you can attach to your phone are a great idea, plus they are like fun little plush toys too.

The one shown here is of the popular San-X character Rilakkuma.

Sweet Treats for Your Phone

Ice cream and parfaits are just a couple examples of yummy sweet earphone jack accessory charms for your smartphone or iPhone. You can also find things like donuts, cakes, biscuits (cookies), chocolate and so much more to tempt your sweet tooth (even if you can't really eat them). Nom nom nom. Yum!

Charm Connector for Smartphones

So what do you do if you want to use your old, cute cell phone charms on your new smart phone? Well the APLI iPhone Charm Connector has a little plastic plug that you put into your phone jack, but it has a little lanyard loop with a clasp on the end of it that you can attach your charms to. The description says it is for iPhones, but it can plug into any device with an earphone jack.

APLI iPhone Charm Connector for iPhone

If you'd like another option, this 12 Pack of black plastic earphone jack plugs do not have the lanyard loop, but you can add your own. If you like to make your own cell phone charms this is a great option. Make some for you, some as gifts for friends, or even sell them.

There are transparent earphone jack plugs sold in a pack of 12 too.

Popin Pen Earphone Jack Accessory

The Popin Pen earphone jack accessory is probably one of my favorites. So cute. And it doesn't dangle like many of the other stylus jack accessories. It's a bit taller than most decorative accessories for the phone jack, but it can fold down so it is out of the way. I would probably like the doll style Popin Pens best, except that they all seem to have grump expressions on their faces.

Earphone Jack Accessories on eBay

Another great option for buying earphone jack accessories online is to check out what sellers on eBay have to offer. There can be a wide variety of options there and you never know what you might be able to get.

Earphone Accessory Keeper

One of the cons to these plugs is that when you want to use earphone jack you have to take the little plug accessory out of the phone...and where do you put it when it's not in use? Hopefully you can put it in your pocket. But there is a possibility that you might lose it. :(

So what do you do with your earphone jack accessory when it's not plugged in? Well, Strapya World is now selling a solution to that. The Plug Catcher (okay the name is not very glamorous, but you might like it what it does!). You can attach this little device onto your earbuds near the plug and when you are not using the jack accessory it has a little spot for you to stick your earphone jack accessory into, holding it neatly and safely!

A Note About Shipping

I recommend taking careful note of where the items are being shipped from. I've noticed many of these earphone jack plugs are being shipped from places such as Korea and Japan (making the cost of shipping higher than you might expect).

To save on shipping, in these instances, I would recommend buying more than one item from the same seller. (For example, shipping from Strapya World, which is in Japan, can seem rather high, so combining purchases in one transaction may be more worthwhile. Even better...combine an order with your friends & share the shipping costs.)

Some items have more reasonable shipping just be sure to check. :)


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love the hello kitty ones and the one with the purls!!!! :)

    • Gigglish profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @rainykua: I think so too...and they'd be so useful as well (my screen is always smudgy from my touching it all the time!). :)

    • rainykua profile image


      6 years ago

      The screen cleaner earphone jack accessories are really cute!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice article. Thanks.

    • HomeDecorKnight profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice earphone jack, nice lens, I like this


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