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Easy ways to earn money online - Tried and Tested (No Surveys)

Updated on December 5, 2014

Who doesn't want an extra income?

Everyone likes to get more money over the salaries. Because, money is one of the thing today, which can get you anything, simply anything.

Here are few of the ways I explored, tried and tested which earn me some money. Not much, but enough to cover bills and few more expenses.

Usability Testing

There are few websites which do user studies for performance of their clients' website and mobile apps. These websites are more concerned about your views while you are going through these tasks. You need to speak up your mind loudly, so that it gets recorded clearly.

The pay rate is quite good. They pay you from $8.00 / test to $15.00 /test.
You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone for these test. Each device has different tests for it.

Here are few links where I have earned some money.

  • : Very good support from the team.
  • : Works, but less number of tests.

You need to provide a paypal adress to them for payments.

Listen and Review music

This is a treat for music lovers.

I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but you can listen to songs on slicethepie and write a review about the song. You will get paid for your reviews.

This is how it works:

  • Register for slicethepie and mark your favorite genres of the music.
  • You listen to a song for 90 seconds. (That's compulsory, do not start typing review till 90 seconds timer goes off and rate the song bar appears).
  • Write a detailed review about the song. (You can refer to these ).
  • The detailed your review is, more you get paid.(Max. $0.30 for a review).
  • You can cash out once you reach $10.00.

Earn for searching

Don't get surprised by reading the title. There are few sites which pay you for searching on their search engines, like Bing Rewards Program.

Then there is Qmee which provide an add on to your browser. Then analyzes what you are searching for and adds the ads on the browser with their values displayed with them.

And the best thing about it is you don't need to have some minimum amount to cash out. You can cash out even $0.10.

Simple, but legit work

There are many people, researchers, profile builders, etc kind of people from all the field, who want to outsource some simple, but tedious/ repetitive tasks. They use crowd-sourcing websites.

Even though there are plenty of such sites, but the two I prefer most are

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (You need to be an US Citizen for this)
  • ClickWorker

These two have various tasks, from searching terms on google, extracting data from purchase receipts to writing articles.

And they pay from $0.01 - $50.00, depending on tasks.

Promote: Choose what you promote on your website/blog

Then there is usual way of posting ads on your website, blog, facebook page etc.

But ClickBank gives you choice on what you want to put on your page. And, as you are choosing the stuff, it does not spam your site with annoying ads.


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