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Amazing Inventions! The Secret Russian Military Vehicle You’ve Never Seen Before: The Ekranoplan

Updated on April 21, 2015

The Ekranoplan could fly on the surface of the water as well as above the land


Ekranoplan is a Russian-made military vehicle in a jumbo size. The mystery of this vehicle was kept as a secret from the western world until the regime of communism in Russia fell in the early 1900s that ultimately reveal the facts and information about these vehicles. When the first American satellite photograph was launched in 1970, the photo was deliberately taking an object shaped like a plane with a very large size in an in-land that is still under construction. The satellite photograph managed to capture the objects that look like a jumbo jet when it started to place above the water and then it raises many questions about what the object really is.

Ekranoplan is the name of the object. Although it seems like a jumbo jet, The Ekranoplan is unlike any other aircraft used to fly across the sky, on top of the water or it is also not made to call a ship. This vehicle is a mixture of both. It's more like a hovercraft that flies above the water surface. When running, the vehicle is floating and flying above the water surface but it is also could fly above the land surface. Ekranoplan in Russian means 'screen craft' or 'skimmer'. The general terms of the type of this vehicle is called the ground effect vehicle (GEV) because this type of vehicle is usually the one that can reach levels flight next to the surface of the ground then its utilizing the aerodynamic relationship between the wings plus the surface area and it’s generally known as ground effect.

Quite logical that the earlier Ekranoplan vehicle is confidential and may not be detectable considering it flew under the radar and intended to invade other countries. This vehicle can accommodate several units of tanks, soldiers, truck, jeep, and various other military vehicles to attack the Mainland. When other countries got attacked, the country that was attacked does not realize that dozens of tank unit, soldiers, and the Russian military trucks that come to invade from the sea are brought by Ekranoplan.

This vehicle can travel at more than 290 knots below the radar, flying at the surface of water and land and floating static and also able to avoid mass invasion. You may be asking how Russia can make such fantastic vehicles. For comparison, Ekranoplan size is greater than a jumbo jet 747 made by Boeing and flies much faster because it uses turbojet engines. And not only can fly on the surface of the sea, Ekranoplan also able to fly above the ground with the same speed as when it flew on the surface of the sea, made it like amphibious vehicles. The remarkable speed of this vehicle is due to the fact that there is no friction between the fuselage and the water.


The Ekranoplan can only fly above the surface of the ground at a very high speed. Throughout very simple terminology, the Ekranoplan wings create a dynamics support with air if it is close to the surface and the Ekranoplan efficiently trips after this. Although it is much more crucially, the capability to fly only a few feet high above the surface of the ground give this vehicle a single huge benefits of military services. Ekranoplan can be a stealth vehicle, able to carry the amount of soldiers as well as an armored vehicle that rapidly beneath the observation with enemy radar. From all of these facts means that Ekranoplan was far more quick and efficient as compared to typical aeroplanes.

The last type of Ekranoplan is 400 ton LUN which was built in 1987. It is equipped with six large missiles on its back and can accommodate cargo tanks and trucks in larger cargo and of course the most important function of this vehicle is that it cannot be detected by the radar. This Ekranoplan is the last type for of course in the modern era like today; modern radar already has a good ability to detect objects even at sea level.

The following video below is an excerpt from Youtube where Ekranoplan were in action during the flight. This video used to be a very secret Russia's material, but now this record can already be seen by public.

The Ekranoplan during action

As for Ground effect vehicle nowadays, some companies such as ATTK (Arctic Trade and Transport Company) producing the Ekranoplan once again but this time the Ekranoplan will build smaller and cheaper to accommodate private use as personal craft or water taxis.


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      jumpshot 4 years ago

      that was great ekranoplan invented by alekseev very impresive very realistic and very easy to transport cargoes .........