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Electronic Bibles, Translators, Kindle Fire, and Gifts for the Clergy

Updated on August 16, 2014

Honoring Those in Leadership

Although October is Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month, you don't have to wait to give your pastor a gift. As a pastor I can honestly share my feelings on receiving this gift at any time, not just for the holiday.

Some people think that giving a gift to a pastor is not necessary, but those that are of that opinion would actually be going against what God Himself has said in His Word.If we are to bless those who have been a blessing to us, shouldn't that include the person(s) who have fed us spiritually? According to the Bible, the answer is yes. Let me guide you into obeying scripture with some suggestions on how you can honor and bless your pastor(s) and spiritual teachers.

So what kinds of things should we give a spiritual leader? Electronic Bibles, translators and reference items are something every leader can use. I have included some of my favorites along with others that spiritual heads use on a daily basis.

There are a number of things that I have highlighted that any leader in ministry would enjoy. It is my hope that you will find the right gift for your pastor(s) here, so that you can minister to them as they have you.

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Poll: Special Services

Have you/your church ever set aside a day to appreciate your pastor? What did you do?

See results
Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

What is Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Day?

It is a day of the year that is set aside to give honor and recognition to those who have faithfully served the Body of Christ in ministry throughout the year. Many churches hold this holiday on the anniverary that the pastor(s)/leaders first took office, therefore it could fall on any day of the year. Nationally, the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of October. Special services are often held on this Sunday or throughout the entire month recognizing various people in the church for their stewardship.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Buy here on Amazon Eph. 1:12-19 Pastor Framed
Buy here on Amazon Eph. 1:12-19 Pastor Framed

Passage reads:

"May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, grant you a spirit of wisdom and insight to know Him clearly, may He enlighten your innermost vision that you may know the great hope to which He has called you, the wealth of His glorious heritage to be distributed among the members of the church and the immeasurable scope of His power in us who believe." Ephesians 1:12-19

The Bible Requires that We Give Recognition Where It Is Due

Don't forget the:

Assistant Pastor(s)

Youth Pastor(s)

Women/Men's Ministry Leaders

Foreign Mission Leaders

Hospital & Nursing Home Clergy

College Campus Clergy

Military Service Clergy

Prison Chaplin

Should we give honor to our pastor/leaders?

According to God, it should be DOUBLE honor.

It is important that we recognize the position of those God has set in ministry over His flock. The job is a hard one and comes with much pressure and responsibilities.As servants of God under the leadership of the head of the earthly church, God has instructed us to be thankful and generous in the way we show our gratitude for their work.

"The elders who direct the affairs of the church well,

are worthy of double honor,

especially those whose work is preaching and teaching."

(1 Timothy 5:17)

New: Kindle Fire HD 8.9" (8.9" HD Display, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi, 16GB or 32GB) - Click on photo for details.

Buy here at Amazon
Buy here at Amazon
Buy here on Amazon
Buy here on Amazon

Debate: New Tech in the Church

Do you think it is wrong to use an electronic Bible in a church service?

Yes, use a regular printed Bible.

Yes, use a regular printed Bible.

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    No, it is easy to see and carry.

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      • ChristmasIdeaShop 4 years ago

        No, I don't think it is wrong. In fact, it was the main reason I bought my Kindle. I also brought my printed Bible with me too. It does take some getting used to, especially if your Pastor kind of moves along fast but they also give us printed pamphlets about the sermon which helps. I think Pastor appreciation day is a great idea. I don't think our church does that but they should.

      • Elsie Hagley 4 years ago from New Zealand

        No I do't see any problem in using an electronic bible in church. It is all readings from the bible,

      • Heidi Vincent 4 years ago from GRENADA

        No. It's the Word of God. The form is irrelevant.

      My 3 Personal Picks

      1 ~ Franklin Electronic Bible 570 - I use this every day.

      Buy here on Amazon
      Buy here on Amazon

      This is the one I use every day.  One feature I like is that I can shut it off in the middle of a passage, and when I turn it on again it will resume from where I stopped.I love to use this for my reading the Bible through in a year with the Faith Moments Today Daily Devotional. 


      Click here to see Daily Devotional reading schedule:

      Franklin KJV

      Franklin KJV-570 Holy Bible, King James Version
      Franklin KJV-570 Holy Bible, King James Version

      Search and retrieve by book,chapter,verse or keywords

      with phonetic spell check, index of book, chapter, chapter title and verse

      Daily devotional verses and bookmark verses tabs.

      Learn-a-verse introduces a new verse each time the bible is turned on

      Calculator, clock, 3-line display


      2 ~ Franklin Electronics BIB-950 Speaking Parallel KJV/NLT

      Buy here on Amazon
      Buy here on Amazon

      This is the one! The BIB-950

      I like this device because you can see the full text as the audio plays.  Listen to either the KJV or the NLT version or view both on the split side-by-side LCD screen.Also included in this version of electronic Bibles are the Tyndale Bible Dictionary and Tyndale's NLT Bible Concordance.

      Another great feature is that the outline notes from the Life Application Study Bible are included so you can still have access to the charts and cross reference scriptures.  This is what makes it the #1 best-selling Study Bible on the market.

      Franklin Electronics BIB-950 Speaking Parallel KJV/NLT Life Application Study Bible Electronic Reference Device
      Franklin Electronics BIB-950 Speaking Parallel KJV/NLT Life Application Study Bible Electronic Reference Device

      Contains the complete text of the KJV and NLT Life Application Study Bible

      Both the KJV and NLT Bibles are recorded speech for pleasant listening.

      Text scrolls simultaneously with the spoken word.

      Small, Medium, Large print size for ease of reading

      Includes the Tyndale One Year Bible

      Easy to read display with LED backlight


      3 ~ The Talking 30 Language Translator

      Buy here on Amazon
      Buy here on Amazon

      Talking 30 Language Translator - The Ultimate Translator

      Does your pastor travel quite a bit or will he/she be in the future?If it weren't for my husband who speaks Spanish, I would have been in a fix not knowing how to speak the language in Mexico. At that time the only translator I had was my spouse. This handy language translator could have helped me.

      This is a perfect gift from a congregation to help your pastor on mission trips or overseas speaking engagements.


      Visuals to Help You Decide

      1) Franklin BIB 475 Electronics Parallel Holy Bible with Holman Bible Dictionary

      2) Lingo World Talk Traveler (Model TT-12000) 12 Language Talking Translator

      3) Lingo TravelMate (Model TR-1650C) 16 Language Translator

      More Electronics to Help Your Pastor Serve

      NowBibleTM Color (4 GB)

      Have you seen this?  It’s the world's first electronic Bible that has the written and audio versions.It has so many other wonderful features built right in that will help any leader in their preparation time in the Word.

      Now Bible Color NKJV (IBible NowBible Wowbible), by Kingneed. Audio Visual Electronic Bible Reader w/ PDA & IPOD MP3
      Now Bible Color NKJV (IBible NowBible Wowbible), by Kingneed. Audio Visual Electronic Bible Reader w/ PDA & IPOD MP3

      Audio / Visual Electronic NKJV Reader Bible in Pocket / Purse Size

      Bible Dictionary & Key Word and Phrase Search Ability wih concordance

      Simultainously Read / Listen to Bible. Can Make Fonts Bigger-Easier to Read.

      PDA, IPOD MP3 Player, Video Clip MP4 Player

      Audio Recorder, Photo Browser, eBook Reader, Sketch Pad, & more.


      GoBible Original - King James Version (2011)

      GoBible Original - King James Version (2011)
      GoBible Original - King James Version (2011)

      Hand-held, portable audio device preloaded with the entire KJV

      Ready to go and simple to use: no computers, no downloads

      Allows the user to search and begin play at any of the 31,000 verses

      in the Bible, has a topical index, and a Bible in a Year Plan.


      Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, PageMark Edition - Click on concordance for details.

      Buy here on Amazon
      Buy here on Amazon

      It's hard to believe that this ultra thin electronic device has such a large database to hold so much material, but it does. I saw this several years ago and bought it for our pastor, which happens to be my husband and co-pastor.You can store it right in your Bible for quick usage and can take it with you anywhere. It has been a blessing.

      Franklin BIB-475 Electronic parallel KJV and NIV Bible with Holman Bible Dictionary - Click on Bible for details.

      Buy here on Amazon
      Buy here on Amazon

      Pastor's Song by Donna Jackson

      Listen to the full song on the video below.

      Pastor we love you.

      We appreciate all you do.

      And God sees the sacrifice

      You've made for Jesus Christ.

      You pray for the lost.

      And God leads them to the Cross.

      And we know one day,

      You'll hear you Father say,

      My child, well done.

      Pastor We Love You - Sing this with me. - Pastor's Song

      A song we all share in our hearts.

      What makes you love your pastor?

      You are blessed if your pastor(s):

      Loves God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

      Loves the church.

      Prays over the flock in tears.

      Pursues the vision from God for the church.

      Has a servant's heart.

      Loves all people like God loves them.

      Walks in the favor of God.

      Preaches the truth.

      Knows how to laugh.

      Is responsible,

      Has a giving heart.

      Knows what it means to sacrifice self.

      Hebrews 13:7

      "Appreciate your pastoral leaders who

      gave you the Word of God.

      Take a good look at the way they live,

      and let their faithfulness instruct you,

      as well as their truthfulness."(The Message Bible)

      See how others have honored their pastor, God's gift to them.

      Pastor's Appreciation Day 2012 - Honors Video

      Pastor Appreciation Love and Honor

      Pastor Appreciation Day Video

      Eyes of a shepherd (pastor's song).wmv

      Something else to consider for your pastor. - I love mine.

      E.W. Bullinger: The Bullinger Bible
      If you haven't heard of the Bullinger Bible aka: "The Companion Bible", let me say that you are in for a treat. Out of all the many bibles and ma...

      Donate to Shield of Faith Ministries
      Donate to Shield of Faith Ministries

      Help SOFFY spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by giving. No gift is too small.

      Give and it will be given back to you... Luke 6:38

      All donations go 100% toSOFFY Outreach Ministries.

      Proceeds go to SOFFY Outreach Ministry

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      "I praise you Lord as I expect change and good things to come into my life."

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      Pastors, we love you. May the favor of God bless all that you do.

      Have a word of encouragement for a pastor? - Leave a message of of love to all God's pastors that might visit this page.

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        • pcgamehardware profile image

          pcgamehardware 4 years ago

          Very nice page and great suggestions on gifts for our preacher.... :)

        • rasnasah profile image

          rasnasah 4 years ago

          Great Lens,Thanks a lot for sharing this lens and also liking ,blessing my lens.Thanks again.

        • VspaBotanicals profile image

          VspaBotanicals 4 years ago

          Very nice and lovely lens ... one that I needed to see today. I think it's wonderful to have the bible available in all forms.

        • WriterJanis2 profile image

          WriterJanis2 4 years ago

          I hope you got some of these nice items.

        • profile image

          johnsja 4 years ago

          Great gift ideas. Well done on the lens.

        • CoeGurl profile image

          CoeGurl 4 years ago from USA

          Thank you for your personal reviews of electronic Bibles. You have selected great gifts for the clergy!

        • Sylvestermouse profile image

          Cynthia Sylvestermouse 4 years ago from United States

          These are all really awesome! I love the electronic Bibles!

        • profile image

          antoniow 4 years ago

          Interesting lens, thumbs up!

        • profile image

          activestage 4 years ago

          Gorgeous device. Well Its unique and new way to connect with JESUS. I love to have one of these.

          Conference Hire

        • PastorKay profile image

          Pastor Kay 4 years ago

          I used to have one of these, but my eyes don't cooperate with it anymore.

        • Elsie Hagley profile image

          Elsie Hagley 4 years ago from New Zealand

          Well this is different, I never released that there were electronic bibles, but why not. Thanks for sharing. Blessed.

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