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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Updated on September 10, 2013


Most of the people out of technical world don't know the difference between these two branches of engineering. Let me clear your doubt about the two fields. Here I will give you the brief idea about the two and their differences.

Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineering deals with the currents and voltages in the ranges of micro ampere and micro volts. Electronics engineering can be found in devices such as your mobile, laptop, TV, computers, music systems etc. It is extended up to the processing of audio and video signals. All machines controllers are electronics made.

Electronics engineering has made our lives smart by providing micro controllers and microprocessors. All the smart thinking work is done by these microchips. Computer engineering is based on electronics hardware. The chip level integration of electronic circuit is possible by the technique known as very large scale integration. It is also known as VLSI technology. The transistors first present in the circuit in the forms of BJT and later on turned to CMOS and MOS technology based transistors. All this change has made electronics miniaturization possible.

Electrical Engineering

On the other hand electrical engineering deals with the heavy machines like motors and generators. The voltage is in hundreds of volts and current is also in amperes. The turbines used for the generation of electricity are the example of such big machines. The power for the operation of your all appliances is provided by the electrical wirings. These can be noticed in your homes and streets also. The dams and windmills in wind farms are used for generating electricity from the natural resources.

Transformers are also an important machine of electrical circuit that is used for stepping up and stepping down of voltages. Motors are also of different types like direct current, synchronous, induction motors and many more. Similarly several types of generators available like direct current generator and synchronous generators. The supply of electrical power can be done by three phase supply or single supply. Both types of supplies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Electrical and Electronics engineers salary

Both the engineering branch are important in the world. Salary are also equal. The average salary of Electrical Engineer is around $70,000 and Electronics engineer is also $70,000. By the two figures it is clear that both the engineering branches salary is same.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus

Electrical and Electronics syllabus are same when dealing with simple ac and dc circuits. Some advanced subjects syllabus is different otherwise the basics of both the branches of engineering are same. Network theory of the two engineering branches is a common subject. Electrical engineering theorems applications can be found in usage in the field of electronics engineering. For example the reciprocity theorem of electrical engineering find use in antenna theory of electronics engineering.


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