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Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver 

Updated on September 22, 2015

Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver

Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver is one of the few iPhone GPS receivers certified by the Apple company for use with the iPod (as well as other iOS devices) makes this one of the few choices you can use with iPhone and "i" model devices without having to do the 'jailbreak' methods which may be a problem later if the device needs manufacture's troubleshooting.

The Emprum UltiMate provides the ability to lock on to a satellite from your iPod Touch (1st through 4th generation), iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S), your iPad and iPad 2 as well as PC using the included USB cable with compatible operating systems (Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems with WiFi or internet access).

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Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver - PRODUCT FEATURES

Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and desktop/laptop computers
Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and desktop/laptop computers

Lock on to a satellite when ever you are plugged in to the iOS of your choice. Use in your car, on your bike, in a boat or plane, with iPod touch 1st through 4th generation, iPhone 3G 3GS 4 and 4S, iPad and iPad 2. You can also use this receiver on your PC (using USB cable).

Certified by Apple for iPod Touch (no need to "jailbreak" your iOS device)

Includes a free UltiMate GPS App (access the free app on the App Store with any 3.0 or higher iOS)

Works great with Apps like Navigon, TomTom, RunKeeper, GeoCaching, Fore Flight, and many more

Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems (PC or laptop with WiFi or Internet access)

Web access to product and user manuals and drivers


What are people saying about the Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver?

Best Apple Certified GPS for iPhones and iPads due to certification the apps and devices work better and not required to 'jailbreak' for access to features.

Highly rated for iOS devices for higher reception, better operation of apps and as well as technical support.

  • "Made for iOS devices so is best available for any iOS application
  • "Works well with Harry's Lap Timer" (for track runners)
  • Exceptional for my iPod Touch"
  • Apps available to expand this to a Navigation (apps on iTunes)
  • "...certified by Apple featuring 5 Hz update rates"

Most important is the Emprum is certified by Apple for use with apparently all of the iOS (Apple "i" type series operating systems).

Be sure to follow instructions out of the box to calibrate the unit and then access the app you need for the job you want done.

Your receiver is a 'hardware' that requires drivers and software (apps) to work with greater number of options.

Access the product and user manual online prior to beginning use and your results will be greatly improved.

Video - Emprum UltiMate GPS Receiver

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