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How to Enter Free Blog Giveaways

Updated on March 29, 2012

Free Blog Giveaways Tutorial

Blog Giveaways are some of the most winnable sweepstakes out there right now. While national sweepstakes may get millions of entries, the majority of free blog giveaways only 200-300 entries. Now tell me, which do you think you have a better chance of winning!

If you want to give entering blog giveaway a try, below is a tutorial on how to gain the various entries. Before you know it, you will be a pro at entering them! (And hopefully winning lots of cool prizes!)

Free Blog Giveaways: The Mandatory Entry

Most blog giveaways give you many ways of earning entries. However, there will be one mandatory entry that you have to complete before you can earn any of the bonus entries. Don't skip ahead, or you run the risk of disqualifying yourself.

Free blog giveaways are generally sponsored by someone other than the blog author. The sponsor asks the host (blog author) to run the blog giveaway to spread the word about his product. Usually the host receives the same item that is being given away so that they can write a review for the product in conjunction with the giveaway.

The sponsor is being generous by giving away a prize, but generally they want some publicity in return. Usually the blog accomplishes this by asking entrants to visit the sponsor's website and answer a question. An example of a mandatory entry would be to ask you to visit the sponsor's online store and leave a comment stating what other products you might like to try. Generally the comment form will be at the bottom of the giveaway post.

TIP Don't just comment with "Enter Me" or "I want to win". That is a good way to get the blog owner to delete all of your entries! You need to read carefully and do what was asked for your entry.

After you have completed the mandatory entry, you can proceed to the bonus entries. Most people just complete the mandatory entries. However, you can greatly increase your chances by earning the extra entries. You should note that for most blog giveaways, you will need to leave a separate comment for each entry you earn. Also note that just because I am telling you how these extra entries work, don't assume that every single blog giveaway you come across will offer all of them. You will need to read the giveaway post completely to learn which extra entries are being offered.

Make Entering Easier with Roboform Software

Before I go any further in this tutorial, I want to introduce you to a nifty piece of software that will save you time (and sore fingers from typing all those blog giveaway entries). Roboform can speed up the entering process for you. It is a toolbar that allows you to enter your information with a click of a button. It is a great form-filler with all sorts of applications. However, it especially useful for entering giveaways. No more manually typing in your name, address, or email address. Think of all the time it could save you!

It is free to download and use. What are you waiting for? Download it today and start entering more! Remember the more you enter, the more likely you are to win!

Enter Free Blog Giveaways by Subscribing

Many blog giveaways will give you extra entries for subscribing to their blog. This can be accomplished in three ways.

  • Subscribe to their email updates. Generally there will be a form on the blog's sidebar. Fill out your email address and then hit submit. You will then receive a confirmation email. You will need to click on the link in the confirmation email to let the blog know that you are, in fact, the owner of that email address. After you have confirmed your email address, then you can go back to the blog and leave a comment to earn your entry for subscribing. If you do not confirm your email address, your entry is likely to be deleted. Subscribing to email updates for your favorite blog is a great way to find out about new giveaways!
  • Subscribe to their RSS feed. You will usually see this little image.

You may also see something like this.

Or there may just be a link within the giveaway post inviting you to subscribe in a reader. No matter which way it is presented, just click on it You will then be able to choose the platform you want to use to subscribe to the feeds. If you have a Google account, you can subscribe with Google Reader. Don't worry, it's free!

Follow their blog using Google Friend Connect. You have to be signed up with a Google Account (like Gmail) for this one, but it is quick and easy to sign up if you don't. You will see something like this on their sidebar.

Just click "follow" and then follow the instructions. When you have finished, you should see your little icon (if you have one) show up with the others.

Gaining Entries Through Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, you can use it to gain extra entries. Twitter is a form of social media that allows you to share updates with your friends and acquaintances quickly and easily. It is also a great place to learn about new giveaways and share that information with others.

You can earn extra entries using Twitter in one of 2 ways.

  • Following on twitter.

You may see a link or a button similar to the one above. You then click on it to be taken to that person's twitter page where you can follow them.

What does it mean to follow someone Twitter? It simply means that when you login to Twitter, you will see the updates of the people you are following on your main page. Anyone that follows me on twitter will see my updates on their page. Twitter is fast-paced, so you will only see a limited number of recent updates, especially if you have a larger group of people you are following.

Tweeting about the giveaway. When you post something to Twitter, that is known as tweeting. To earn this entry, you will need to share the giveaway with your twitter followers. You can type the information in the box on the top of the screen.

To make it easier, I usually format all of my giveaway tweets like this "Enter to win whatever prize at whatever blog - end date - tiny url to giveaway post". You have a limited amount of characters for your tweet so you will have to shorten the url to the giveaway post. A popular url-shortening service to use is Tiny URL. After you have submitted your tweet, you will need to go back to the blog and comment with your tweet link. Don't know what a tweet link is? Not a problem! Below is a sample tweet that I sent out today.

Notice the time-stamp below the tweet? That is actually a clickable link. If you click on it, it will load up a page with just your tweet. The URL listed up in your address bar is the tweet link. Just copy and paste it into a comment on the giveaway post for your entry. Some giveaways will allow you to tweet daily for even more entries.

Gaining Entries Through Facebook

Facebook is a form of social media that, in some ways, is similar to Twitter. Unlike Twitter, adding someone as a friend on Facebook requires confirmation from that person that they want to be your friend. Facebook will send that person an email and they will have to confirm whether or not they want to be friends with you. Kind of reminds of elementary school, doesn't it? Remember those little notes everyone used to pass back and forth? Do you want to be my friend? Circle yes or no. Anyhoo... There are two ways you can earn extra entries with Facebook. You will need to sign up for a free Facebook account to take advantage of either of these entry methods.

  • Become a Facebook Fan/Friend (depending on which the giveaway stipulates). There will generally be a box on the sidebar that you can click on to follow to their Facebook page. Make sure you are signed in at Facebook, then click on the "Become a Fan" button at the top. Becoming a Facebook Fan is a little bit easier because there is no confirmation required on the part of the other person. Facebook fan sites are for businesses or blogs. Normally when you friend someone on Facebook, you can see their updates, and they can see yours. However when you are a Facebook fan of a blog, they will not see your updates. A lesser used entry requirement is to become a Facebook friend. As mentioned before, this requires confirmation on their part before it takes effect. However, you do not need to wait for confirmation to get your entry. Just comment with something like "I sent you a friend request on Facebook" and that will satisfy the requirement. At that point, you have done your part to earn the entry. It is then up to the other person to follow through.
  • Post to Facebook. For this extra entry, the blog owner wants you to spread the word about their giveaway on your Facebook page. You want to include the same type of information that you did when you tweeted (The prize, who is giving it away, when it ends.) One of the nice things about Facebook is if you enter the url to the giveaway post, it will automatically post a nice little summary for you. The figure below shows you where you need to click to enter the URL.

To complete your entry, you will need to provide proof that you posted to Facebook. Like with Twitter, the time stamp is clickable.

Clicking on the time stamp will give you a URL that is unique to your Facebook post. Copy and paste the URL into a comment to claim your entry.

Gaining Extra Entries by Starting a Blog

You can start a blog for free at Blogger. A free blog dedicated solely to giveaways can be a great resource for earning extra entries. You can earn extra entries in several ways.

  • Posting about the giveaway. You will just need to write a short blurb about the giveaway. Be sure to include the pertinent information such as Blog name, prize, end date. Be sure to include a link back to the giveaway post. To earn your extra entry, you will need to leave a comment with the permalink to the post you made. A permalink is simply the URL for an individual post on your blog. For example, the URL to my blog is A permalink to one of the posts on my blog is
  • Grabbing their button. Many blog owners create a button to help promote their blog. They may offer an extra entry if you post their button to your own blog. You may see something like this on their sidebar.

It is the code below the button that you want. You will need to copy and paste it into the html for your sidebar. With Blogger, this is easy. Click on the Layout tab. You will then be able to add and arrange page elements. Click on "Add a Gadget" in the section of your layout where you want to locate the button. Click on the + sign by Html/Javascript. Paste the button code there and hit the save button. View your blog to verify that the button is there. To gain your extra entry, post a comment with the URL to your blog stating that you grabbed their button.

Add the blog to your blogroll. Again, you will need to access the Layout of your blog. Click on "Add a Gadget" and scroll down to the "Blog List" option. Click on the + sign and enter the URL for the blog you want to add. You can give your blogroll a name, like "Blogs I love to read" for example. You can also set your preferences for how you want the blogs on your blogroll to show up. Click save and verify that your blogroll is visible. To gain your extra entry, leave a comment with the URL to your blog.

Do you love to enter blog giveaways? - Feel free to leave a comment or question.

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      6 years ago

      This was very helpful. I've been asking for months how to add buttons and couldn't get an answer. Thanks so much!


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