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Epson Printer Perfection

Updated on June 26, 2014

Epson Printer WF 3520

The day had come. Oh I tried to put it off. I tried to fix it, work without it, hope the problem would go away. But no. My printer, copier, scanner just wasn't working any more. The dreaded time for a new printer had arrived. I am no IT guy. I can handle my way through the basics of computers, iPhones, printers and home networks as long as it's not too technical. But deciding on a new printer, I knew this was going to be a big decision.

So the search began. For days I googled printer reviews. Printer prices. Everything from Tech Magazines, to manufacturer websites, reviews on Amazon. How was I going to choose! So many printers out there. So many, many reviews, opinions, complaints yikes!

But I really needed a printer. Oh did I mention that not only did I want a really great printer, I didn't really want it to be humongous size because I like to keep it right in my dining room adjacent to my living room which is where I really do most of my work and computer time.

And did I mention I really was super interested in getting an air printer. Yes, an air printer that would let me print from my iPhone 4s - I love my iPhone, I live on my iPhone and now I find out, what? I can print from my iPhone?

Oh and did I mention I want all the perfection above at a really reasonable price, one whose cartridges would be easy to replace and not cost a fortune as well and have I mentioned that I found it! I did it, some how I got the best printer ever and after all the research, and all the worry I hope I can share some great resources with you in case you have to make the same decision!

Introducing the new love of my life the Epson WF 3520!

Printer Copier Scanner Oh My!

Epson Printer Copier Scanner
Epson Printer Copier Scanner

Did I really need a printer, copier, scanner all in one. Well, no but I really did want one. I wanted one that would print really nice pages of text, awesome photos and do it all without too many complications.

Unlike my old one - well 2 year old one that would always suddenly be off the network and need drivers to be reinstalled or have some problem or wouldn't connect with my home network when I really needed to print something quickly, of course. One that wouldn't require a million steps to make a quick copy that didn't come out so good anyway. Forget the scanner, it hadn't worked in ages. I really don't use a printer alot, but when I need one, it's really nice if it's working and not making me crazy!

I really needed a printer that could print my text and reports, photos of things I love in lots of sizes and on assorted paper types and well, what if I wanted to scan a news article (OK I'm in the one in the photo of a fire my crews extinguished so it's kind of cool to have) to keep for myself or share with others.

Yes I really wanted the whole Printer Package!

EPSON WF 3520 My Review!

Choosing a printer that has all of the features you need at a great price, compatible with all the newest technology like air print so you can print directly from your iPhone, iPad and tablets to the printer can be a daunting job!

The Epson WF 3520 is printer perfection for me. Not only does it print beautiful text, gorgeous color perfect photos and scan so easily but it prints from my iPhone and can be set up with it's own email address. So even though I am miles away from home I was able to email a .pdf file of a report I wanted my husband to be able to have for his meeting right to our printer! Within in minutes of his needing the report, I emailed it from my oh so awesome iPhone from miles away and voila, it was in his hands printed to perfection. This is awesome technology! And easy to use and set up!

Initial set up was a breeze following the step by step instructions. It seamlessly found my home network, loves my laptop and knows my iPhone by sight.

It's size is relatively small to fit into any home office setting or right in your work space in your office. It features a 250 page paper tray, that's plenty for me for quite a while. It has a super cool ADF 30 sheet ADF - Automatic Document Feeder up on top and so far, it's fed every sheet perfectly! It always has two sided paper printing and the rear paper feeder can handle labels, envelopes, cards and other fun size paper stock. It also has built in media card slots so you can pop in your files and photos directly to the printer and use the easy to read LCD display to print directly from them.

Oh I forgot to mention - it's also a Fax machine! I don't use the fax feature but it's really cool that it has that too, you can leave it on auto answer or just turn it on as you need it.

The price for all of this, all of this is I think, fantastic! I paid $119.00 through Amazon and since I am a very happy Prime Member it was here in two days and no shipping costs. It came in perfect condition ready to bond with it's new home and happy owner.

Scanning Memories

Scanning Memories
Scanning Memories

The Epson WF 3520 scanner is awesome. Why would you need a scanner? So many photos and so many photo albums. What wonderful memories they hold. Photos age, well so do we I guess. Albums get messy and worn. But those memories last a lifetime and now there is a wonderful way to share those memories and pictures. A fantastic easy way to print older photos to display or send to those you love. A perfect way to keep those moments in time in electronic format for generations to come and be able to share them too.

The scan feature easily scanned the photo above (me with my oldest daughter just hours after she was born) that I have saved in an old photo album and remember like it was yesterday. There were no digital cameras back then and no copies of this photo anywhere. Now I was able to print it in large size, which came out beautiful. I was able to share the .jpg electronic file with my daughter. Now it will forever be there for my granddaughters and their daughters to share forever.

Now I even get to share it with you.

Epson WF 3520 Ink Cartridges #127

Printer ink cartridges don't have to cost a fortune for the Epson WF 3520. Here on Amazon (especially if you are a Prime Member!) you can buy them in multi packs, high capacity and even remanufactured for those that love the idea of recycling and lower cost too.

Epson Ink Jet Cartridges

The Epson Ink Jet Cartridges are not expensive either and are easy, easy to replace. I like easy and I love not expensive.

Epson #127 Durabrite Ink Cartridge refills are available in Extra High Capacity (meaning more ink per cartridge which saves money in the long run too) for Black Ink Cartridges and Color which comes in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. So there are four cartridges in all. They are all self contained, no mess and no fuss. The color cartridges can be purchased separately or as a multipack (all three cartridges in one pack). Oh and all the cartridges are the same number, I hate when they are all different numbers for the different cartridges, so much to remember!

Easy, convenient and doesn't break the bank. So easy my co-worker loves to be in charge of the print cartridges, pictured above showing off her new job.

Scanning With Ease

Scanning With Ease
Scanning With Ease

Scanning photos and news articles and anything you can think of couldn't get any easier. The scanner cover lifts up and lets you extend it some to accommodate thicker items like photo albums and books so you can get the whole page in too.

The software that comes with the printer installs itself on your computer or laptop easily and is so easy to follow along with. You can crop the image, enhance and even rotate the final image all in a preview screen until it's exactly the way you want it, then just save as a file wherever you want it, print and share.

Printer Size Does Matter!

For me the size of the printer was pretty important. I'm an eccentric kind of worker. My home office is my living room with my laptop snuggled on my coffee table, usually some type of papers and notes and photos and ideas all around it and a big drawer to swipe everything into when company comes over.

Size is important to your co-workers too, here is Mimi demonstrating that she still has plenty of room in her cubicle to work too.

My printer is my dining room which is right next to my living room. So who has a printer in their dining room anyway LOL. Well I do so I like it being so available but I also don't want it to take up my whole dining buffet or be in the way during our family celebrations. I have a cool 4 drawer organizer that it sits on so I can store paper, cards, extra ink cartridges etc right under all right next to my granite marble and mirror buffet. Eccentric yes, but it works great in my world.

So it's large enough to do everything I need it to do, stable and sizeable enough that it doesn't vibrate, rattle or roll every time I print but small enough to fit itself just right in my world.

Here I have included a photo right from Amazon's web site in case you need the dimensions like I did to see how it will fit in your world.

Air Print Photo Love

Air Print Photo Love
Air Print Photo Love

Air Printing Magic

Air Print With Ease
Air Print With Ease

Air printing is magic to me. I don't really understand how all of these wonderful new technology and electronics marvels work. But I am so grateful to those that do so we can now do stuff I never even would have thought about before.

Print directly from my iPhone 4s, oh yes. Coupons from my iPad to my printer in lightning speed, incredible. But now possible. And Easy.

All you have to do is be on the same network. The printer is wireless WiFI and loves to be on networks both big and small. As long as your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone etc is on the same network the printer and electronics will work together seamlessly. And not only can you print to the printer then, so can your family, guests, friends, customers and any one else you want to allow to be on your printer.

Once you hit print on your smart technology it brings up an easy screen that finds your Epson WF 3520 and some options and then just print away!

Email To Your Printer

Email Printer Fun
Email Printer Fun

So I texted my daughter who lives about three miles away and said Hi, what are you guys up to. She texted back they were just digging into a fresh box of yum, Dunkin Donuts.

Oh I wish I had some Dunkin Donuts I texted back. Next thing you know, my printer took a second and here's what I found emailed to my printer!

Of course I can't wait until technology advances to sending over a real donut but until then, this was a pretty great technology delivery.

Email to your printer through Epson is really easy to set up. They assign your printer an email address that you can even customize and voila, anyone you give the email address to can email directly to your printer too. There's even an iPhone and iPad App for that.

Printers Printers Printers

Inside The Printer Info
Inside The Printer Info

I always had HP printers before this so it was a little scary to change over to an EPSON and I am really glad I did. There are so many big brands out there today so give us the inside scoop....

What Kind of Printer Do You Have? Should we buy it or never try it?

See results

Coupons Coupons Coupons!

Saving Money Makes Sense (Cents)
Saving Money Makes Sense (Cents)

If you love coupons you will love this printer! Surfing on your iPad and you find a coupon you just have to print, no problem and no need to download it - you can print the coupon right to your printer! They come out great, you can pick how big your coupon is, stack them up and cash them in.

My daughter is a coupon queen and never misses an opportunity to save big. She loves the Epson WF 3520 too, especially along with her iPhone and iPad. It prints great coupons from all the big coupon sites especially and other popular coupon sites. But I do have to let you know that there is a problem printing from the iPhone, their App just doesn't support anything but HP printers, and not even all of those are successful at printing their coupons. They say they are working on it and soon their App will work with the Epson too. Printing their coupons from your desktop computer or laptop is no problem at all.

Copy Printer Inkjet Paper

Printer paper doesn't have to be expensive. It's important to have some all purpose copy printer paper great for printing everyday letters, reports and notes. There is also copy paper in colors, pre-punched three hole paper, photo paper for beautiful framing and presentations, heavy bond paper, elegant paper and even paper that's just right for printing resumes.

HP Printer Paper, Multipurpose20, 8.5 x 11 Paper, Letter Size, 3 Hole Punch, 20lb Paper, 96 Bright, 500 Sheets / 1 Ream (113101R) Acid Free Paper
HP Printer Paper, Multipurpose20, 8.5 x 11 Paper, Letter Size, 3 Hole Punch, 20lb Paper, 96 Bright, 500 Sheets / 1 Ream (113101R) Acid Free Paper

Specialty paper like pre-holed paper, pre printed border paper and even elegant presentation paper is available for almost every printer.


Saving Energy and Money

Saving Energy
Saving Energy

Another wonderful thing about this printer is that when you are not using it for a while it takes a nap. It goes into sleep mode so that we are not filling the world with extra energy that isn't needed and it's kinder to your utility bill that way too.

It quickly and I mean quickly comes out of sleep mode and wakes up from it's nap way faster than I do when you send a project to print or just touch the Home button on the LCD front screen.

It's also Energy Star Qualified, supports recycled paper and remanufactured ink cartridges. Another great feature is that it prints easily on both sides of the paper saving paper and consumables and uses less power to run than color laser printers that do many of the same jobs.

Printer Tables and Stands

Choosing a printer stand or table can be very creative these days. Whether you have a home office and need some space saving ideas or large commercial office space it's great to plan out where your printer will be for convenient access and some storage area right near the printer for reams of paper and additional print cartridges.

Winsome Wood Henry Accent Table, Black
Winsome Wood Henry Accent Table, Black

You can match your furniture and decor with your efficient Epson printer that even offers storage and durability.

Impromptu Under Table Printer Stand Black
Impromptu Under Table Printer Stand Black

Printer tables like these can be tucked out of the way under desks and tables when not in use and offer storage shelves too.

Winsome Studio Home Office, Honey
Winsome Studio Home Office, Honey

No matter where your printer is going to be at home make it good looking and practical.


Experts Agree....

Experts Agree!
Experts Agree!

I really do recommend this printer the Epson WF 3520 for anyone who is looking for a fast, inexpensive and quality all in one printer that will air print, photo quality print, scan, copy and even auto feed documents efficiently and easily!

Do you have an Epson Air Printer? Do you have a printer you love and want to recommend or hate and want to warn us about? We would love to learn more about printers, please feel free to leave us some hints!

Printer Suggestions Always Welcome!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I bought this EPSON to replace my Canon :)

    • Bonfire Designs profile imageAUTHOR

      Bonfire Designs 

      6 years ago

      @lesliesinclair: Thank you for stopping I can't wait to update it with pictures of all the big photos I printed for my picture wall!

    • ismeedee profile image


      6 years ago

      I used to have a cheap Epson and it was not very good at all- very slow and it broke down after one year!!! So I got a HP now and so far it is so much better, let's see if it lasts me longer!

    • lesliesinclair profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a mighty fine explanation of why you needed a new printer, what you wanted in it, and what you got, and how much you like it. Have fun.

    • Bonfire Designs profile imageAUTHOR

      Bonfire Designs 

      6 years ago

      @vineliner57: Crazy on the ink cartridge replacements! Seriously the manufacturers should just give the printers away just to make us buy the cartridges all the time! Not too bad for my Epson though so It definitely helps make it a great buy in the long run too.

    • Bonfire Designs profile imageAUTHOR

      Bonfire Designs 

      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for stopping by to visit my printer lens, it was really a great find and had to share for anyone else who might be going through printer decisions too!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I really like your experts agree photo! I had a good laugh from it and made my day. I usually have so much trouble with printers and I am IT guy too. The Epson WF 3520 looks to be a good printer. Thank you for the information. I found this lens very useful. Have a great day.

    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 

      6 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      Are replacement ink cartridge prices ridiculous or what? I have actually gone out for a replacement cartridge before and came back with a cheap printer because it didn't cost much more than the cartridge I was looking for.

    • daisychainsaw lm profile image

      daisychainsaw lm 

      6 years ago

      I`ve got a Canon printer at the moment, and the ink is expensive. I`ll be looking to invest in a new one shortly, so thanks for the info!


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